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Gijs ter Beek , Netherlands
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Amarok 2.x Scripts 48 comments

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Jul 19 2013
I really like to be able to zap through my music using my laptop. Now I can!
Since my phone doesn't have wifi connectivity, I have to access the amarok WebUI through the WAN-ip, but this doesn't seem to work. Is it restricted by default? And can I configure it to be open from the outside? - Feb 05 2010
I've experienced the same thing. Chrome works, Firefox doesn't. One more thing: is it possible to include (shoutcast)streams? - Feb 05 2010
Black Fruit - like OSX, but darker

Compiz Themes 9 comments

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Jan 23 2010
tadaaa! - Jan 23 2010
I have considered this, but it would require a larger bottom bar, which would nog really be OSX-like.

However, I'll try to include one in the next weeks or so. - Jan 22 2010
Thanks. Stupid that I didn't see this myself. The current version does show up. To the 52 downloaders of the last hour. I'm sorry! Please redownload the theme. It works now. - Jan 21 2010
Lyrics screenlet

Conky 339 comments

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Mar 30 2011
At this moment the text is animated one sentence at the time, so there is only animation between to sentences. I'd like a more continuous animation, much like film credits you see after a movie, where the animation speed is constant.

This would mean that the 'active' highlighted sentence is also moving, so you'd have to apply some sort of smart animation algorithm that prevents long sentences to scroll out of sight before the next sentence is due, but scroll short sentences fast enough.

Let's take this lyrics

00:01 I love you
00:04 I really love you
00:07 I do really really totally love you completely, I never loved anybody so much as I do love you
00:30 I love you
00:33 ....

In the current version it would be animated like this

1. Animate line 1
2. Wait 3 seconds
3. Animate line 2
4. Wait 3 seconds
5. Animate line 3
6. Wait 21 seconds
7. Animate line 4

and here is what I propose:
1. Set scrollspeed to 1/3 line per second
2. Scroll line 1 upward for 3 seconds
3. Set scrollspeed to 1/3 line per second
4. Scroll line 2 upward for 3 seconds
5. Set scrollspeed to 1/21 line per second
6. Scroll line 3 upward for 21 seconds

Even better might be to dampen the speed changes, so that during the animation of line 2 the speed is decreased from 1/3 line per sec at the start to 1/21 line per sec at the end to match the speeds of the previous and next line.

- Jan 21 2010

this is really a great screenlet! Works great, and looks even better. Some suggestions for further development:

1. Smooth scrolling: Right now, lyrics are suddenly advancing as soon as there's a new line coming up. Experience would be smoother if you'd use the delta time between current and next line and scroll the text upwards with a speed relative to that interval (much like an autocue)

2. Fade in/out: When starting up / shutting down and between songs fade to transparency

3. Make the screenlet invisible when no audioplayer is running or when no (recognized) song is playing.I saw this was already suggested by someone else. - Jan 06 2010

Compiz Themes 27 comments

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Jul 13 2008
Do you mean that the poles are rotated wrong? Or that the rotation is ok, but the edges don't match?
- Oct 31 2008
taskbar-compiz for kde-3.5.10

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 28 comments

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Oct 07 2008

I've downloaded the packaged kicker-compiz-taskbar, but I do still experience closed windows to be present on the taskbar. With this latest fix, It seems however that more windows close properly. But not all.

See my comment (as gijsterbeek) on the launchpad link above.

- Sep 25 2008
Alien Lava

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Dec 21 2007

I removed the widescreen-effect. Now you can crop it yourself (or just leave it). - Dec 21 2007
I will, as soon as I have my laptop back from the repair guy. I don't have it on my desktop machine. - Dec 18 2007
KDE smooth

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 4 comments

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Jul 28 2007

When I use this one, it doesn't display the smooth splash, but the default small one instead. - Dec 20 2007
Just Vista

Kbfx Startmenu 12 comments

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May 25 2007

The effect you mention only occurs with 3d (compiz) enabled, and is significantly less visible in Ubuntu Gutsy than it is in previous versions. - Nov 28 2007

I tried you theme. Works great. Looks even greater. I tried to give the file mask.png some translucency (just like its redmond cousin), but Xorg hangs and/or eats my memory when i do that.

Is it even possible in kbfx to have semi-transparent components? Or did I do something wrong? I also use beryl btw. - Jun 23 2007
Kubista: Kubuntu Perfected

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 17 comments

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Nov 13 2007
Just noticed you use my nick for your theme (which is basically a mix of Kubuntu and Vista). Glad someone else thought of it too! Please don't use it lightly. - Nov 28 2007
Kubista Wallpaper White

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Nov 15 2007

Just updated the wallpaper (but the thumbnail is still the old one).

The fonts I used:
Kubuntu : SegoeUI (obviously)
Gutsy : Lane Narrow
TM : Klill

All fonts except SegoeUI downloaded from - Nov 15 2007