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Bertrand Chevrier Longwy, France
Ubuntu Heron Grunge

Wallpapers Ubuntu by alexrieffel 3 comments

it would be fine to see the dual-monitor variant - Jul 27 2009
Image resize (batch)

Nautilus Scripts by hemanth 5 comments

in your script:

echo "Installing the dependcies"
sudo apt-get install imagemagick
sudo apt-get install zenity

You should change these lines, and just display an error, for the following reasons:
- the user may not have the sudoers rights
- your script might work on other packages systems

Or at least ask the user to confirm the dependencies install

- Jun 07 2009
Crunchy Branch - Plymouth & Usplash

Plymouth Themes by Spox5 39 comments

I'm unable to untar/uncompress CrunchyBranch.tar.bz2 - May 22 2009