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Kovid Kovid Goyal Pasadena, United States of America

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Jun 10 2007
SKopete will be re-written for Plasma. For now it's unsupported. - Jan 27 2008
Hmm I have no idea why it's doing that for you and unfortunately I no longer maintain the code as I'm going to write a plasma based replacement. - Nov 30 2007
The contacts are stored in the file ~/.superkaramba/skopete

Skopete allows you to see an unlimited number of contacts, maybe it's going off the edge of your screen? - Nov 30 2007
In the configure dialog, look & feel layout choose manual - Nov 20 2007
I agree, but I'm not going to change this before KDE4 is released. As I'm planning a full rewrite of SKopete based on plasma and akonadi. - Jan 13 2007
If you make the size option too small, it causes problems. You can make it bigger than 60 and I suspect in your case you can reduce it to about 45 (you'll have to experiment). - Nov 23 2006
Try setting the picture size to 60 - Nov 23 2006
This is a strange bug. It's never been reported before. Just to check what versions of kde, superkaramba, python and pykde are you using? - Nov 23 2006
Hmm strange do your contact names have newlines in them? Are they in some language other than english?

About the bottom cut-off. Is it only the icon being cut-off or are some contacts missing as well? - Nov 23 2006
- Ensure you satisy all the REQUIREMENTS from above
- Is Kopete running?
- If you have enabled PyKDE in the config dialog, please try disabling it first, as PyKDE seems to cause a lot of bugs.
- In order to help me debug it, please run superkaramba in a terminal like so:
superkaramba skopete.skz > skopete-log 2>&1
Post the top 20 lines from the file skopete-log - Nov 23 2006
Please follow the troubleshooting instructions from above. Does this problem happen only with v1.3.1? - Nov 23 2006
thanks it's good to be appreciated. Away messages support has been added to 1.3.0 - Oct 06 2006
Should be fixed in 1.2.10 - Sep 17 2006
You need to send me the topmost error message, that's the meaningful one, scroll up in the teminal to see it. - Sep 17 2006
That's because your superkaramba is linked against python 2.3. You will have to compile it from source against python 2.4 - Aug 02 2006
Hmm...what aspect of it do you find slow? It is a little slow to respond to changes in kopete status, but that is because of kopete's limited DCOP interface...I had to resort to polling at a configurable interval. Not the best of solutions. You can adjust the polling interval via the config dialog. Though making it smaller will raise CPU utilization for DCOP calls

As for the Monitored Contacts problem, it's going to need a little debugging. Can you unzip the .skz archive and run the theme with superkaramba skopete.theme. The edit the file and near the end put
print "contacts: ", len(contacts)

just after the line
contacts = config_backend.loadMCL()

Then post the output when you start the config dialog.

Thanks - Apr 14 2006
Thanks... - Feb 04 2006
Hopefully, its fixed in 1.2.8 - Feb 01 2006
Aero AIO: cpu/mem plugin mod

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May 20 2006
Send me a command that extracts just the CPU temp from the sensors output and I can add it - Mar 12 2007
Does the following command (run as normal user get the info?)
sensors | cut -d' ' -f3 | tr -d "+°C" - Mar 10 2007
Well how is the temperature reported? If you can provide a file from which it is read or a command used to get it, I can integrate that into the code. - Mar 06 2007
Are the reported temperatures significantly different? i.e. different by something other than a constant offset? - Mar 04 2007
Thanks. There is a network plugin for aero aio that does this, you can set it up on an autoswitch with the cpu/mem plugin, or have two aios running. - May 22 2006
Well it supports pluggable backends for reading temperatures from different sources. I dont have a system with sensors, so I can't write a backend to use lmsensors to get tempertaures. But you are welcome to try. Writing a backend is really easy. Look at the files, and to learn how to write backends.

- May 04 2006
Oh well...good luck with getting it fixed. - Feb 07 2006
It uses the python socket module to create the connection. The relevant code is
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
s.connect(("localhost", self.port))
data = s.recv(1024)
finally: s.close()

The try -> finally block ensures that if there is an error, the socket is closed by the close() call. Can you try setting DEBUG=True in ~/.aero-aio/scripts/ and then running SK and posting the output.


Kovid. - Feb 06 2006
I don't see this behavior on my machine, however, auditing the code, I noticed a weakness in exception handling, that may be causing it for you. I've fixed that in version 2.1.2 - Feb 06 2006
Aero AIO: Kmail based mail notification

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Jan 20 2006
Unfortunately, I've sort of ended support for this plugin as its implementation becomes much easier with some patches to kmail. See
Hopefully this patch will make it into KDE4 (rewritten for DBUS)

The version I now use relies on this patch, so I'm not likely to work on fixing the old plugin for aero 0.9.1. If you feel like applying the patch and compiling kmail for yourself, I'll send you the new plugin.


Kovid. - Oct 23 2006
I've created a patch to kmail that gives access to the From/Subject/Date fields for messages in KMail folders via dcop. See - Feb 22 2006
This is a plugin for the Aero AIO SK theme. Read the USAGE section above. At the moment KMails DCOP interface doesn't expose actual messages, only message counts. I had to write my own IMAP client in Python for this plugin. I would suggest you read the CAVEATS and FEATURES sections before trying to use this plugin. - Feb 07 2006
Kmail dspam support

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 2 comments

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Jun 02 2006
I don't have commit privileges for the KDE svn, I have however added the patches to a dspam bug report at

There is no configuration required. This patch only adds support for reading the spam probabilities/confidences from already filtered mail. If you have enabled spam reporting in fancy headers in KMail, the patch should automatically enable the spam bar for emails that have DSpam headers. DSpam is designed to run on a mail server, so that is what I though most appropriate, rather than adding support for the actual scanning of email. - May 29 2006
Aero AIO: netstat plugin

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May 27 2006
Should be fixed in 2.0.5 - May 27 2006
Does it work without sudo accesss? Can you run SK in a terminal and post the error output. - May 25 2006
Hmm...looks like something in your process list is causing a problem. Can you add the following to ~/.aero_aio/

Above the line
res = self.pretty_pat.sub(self.prettyString, res) # Call self.prettyString for every match

add print "Result: ", res

Then post the output from running the command. If its a lot, you can email it to me: kovid at theory dot caltech dot edu - Apr 14 2006
Thanks. For both ps and this, I've tried to keep it as clean and simple as possible. - Feb 02 2006
ps: Aero AIO plugin

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May 20 2006
Hmm...the only thing common to netstat and ps is the subprocess module. When you replaced python 2.3 with 2.4, did you recompile SK against 2.4? SK may still be using other user had a similar problem. - May 11 2006
What is the error you get when you run it in a terminal? - May 11 2006
Yeah his problem was because he was using python 2.3 which doesn't have the subprocess module. - May 10 2006
I'm afraid there is no simple way of doing this. You need to ask on the forums of the distribution you are using. - May 04 2006
In a terminal type python press enter.
Then at the python prompt type import subprocess and press enter. That should give you an error.

What distribution are you using? Debian? - May 04 2006
You need to have python >= 2.4 Superkaramba is unable to load the subprocess module needed by ps.

You can check this by starting python at the command line and trying the command import subprocess

If you want to remove ps uninstall aero aio and delete the directory ~/.aero_aio - May 04 2006
Hmm...that should not be happening. The ps theme works fine for me with 0.9. Can you start aero aio in a terminal like this
superkaramba aero_aio.skz and post the output. If you just want to get rid of ps delete ~/.aero_aio - May 04 2006
Thanks. - Feb 02 2006
Aero AIO

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May 17 2006
I like the new config dialog layout. - May 03 2006

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Jul 16 2004
I didn't know of the existence of the konsolekalendar tool. Good job. - Apr 14 2006
Kopete DeskList Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 118 comments

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May 05 2006
hehehe - Apr 12 2006
You are the only person that has outstanding issues with SKopete. - Apr 11 2006
I've written a superkaramba theme to do the same, (with a slightly different look and features) - Apr 11 2006

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May 20 2006
Thanks. - Feb 10 2006
karamba multi-news

Karamba & Superkaramba 13 comments

by Matti
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Jul 08 2003
Why dont you use kdialog instead? - Feb 07 2006