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Jernej Kos Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Apr 28 2007
Everything you mention is configurable and can be disabled if you don't like it. - Dec 30 2006
Encodings are settable in the bookmarks and in latest SVN you can change encoding on the fly while browsing. - Jul 07 2005
Settable timeouts will be available in the 0.7 version, when the configuration dialog is redesigned. - Jun 10 2005
Well it would be nice if you reported crashes (with backtraces and steps to reproduce) to - May 30 2005
GCC 4.0 is blacklisted by KDE and as such is not recommended for compiling any KDE stuff. Try compiling with 3.3 or 3.4. - May 28 2005
You will have to install openssl-devel. And please remove that output from your post please, because it is toooo big ;) - May 05 2005
Hmm.. can you configure kftpgrabber with --enable-debug=full and post the backtrace when it crashes ? - Apr 28 2005
The layout saving/restoring is not yet implemented, so you must open the queue view manualy each time (however, this will be fixed in the 0.6 version).

Regarding the local directory - you shold use ~ instead of $HOME ;) So type ~/download instead of $HOME/download. - Dec 05 2004
I agree with you completely. I can be reached on #kde-devel @ - Aug 18 2004
Well, this project was started way before Kasablanca, in 2003. If i would consider it now, i would ofcourse work with Kasablanca. - Aug 18 2004
You are clearly mistaken, i have seen the implementation of KIO slaves in KBear and i think this design is very bad in my opinion, since a KIO slave is an external process and multi-threaded architecture is better for such programs.

The current architecture is multithreaded, so each FTP connection is in it's own thread and so it does not block the GUI.

The app actually doesn't need to disable the remote window, but this prevents the user from browsing while performing operations. In the 0.5 version this limit will be removed since the current cache will be used to support cached browsing while executing transfer. - Aug 18 2004