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Apr 28 2017
I realized the latest version of the Ubuntu Software Center had an issue with dark themes, when searching it had light text on light background, this couldn't be fixed from the theme directly, so I edited the Software Center's css file, and included it in the theme, just use the install script and it will automatically copy it to the appropriate location. - Apr 18 2014
I have updated the theme for Ubuntu 14.04, and I have taken an up-to-date screenshot as well - Apr 18 2014
Just to give everyone a heads up, I just upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04, and do to the major changes (once again) to the Ambiance theme, I'm going to be updating it, the update should be up within the next couple days, in the mean time if you upgrade I recommend sticking with the default Ambiance theme until I finish it. - Apr 17 2014
Well I was at it I decided to lighten the text of desktop items, as this was something that's been bugging me, I lightened it in a previous version, but have to basically redo the entire theme with each Ubuntu version, and forgot to lighten the text again on the latest version. - Mar 06 2014
I decided to take a quick look at the theme files, and was able to find pretty quickly where to change the color for the scrollbar, I decided to make it look similar to the overlay scrollbar, I made it thinner and orange, but not too thin so you can still click on it easily.

I experimented with different colors, trying to just lighten it up a bit, but this seemed to look the best.

The important thing is you can actually SEE the scrollbar now ;) - Mar 06 2014
In case you use the "Stylish" addon, here is a direct link to a gtk search: - Feb 17 2014
Firefox doesn't play nice with any dark GTK theme, it's the stupid gradient that's the culprit, what I do to fix it is either use stylish (a firefox plugin) to force firefox to follow the GTK theme, or simply just install the GTK+ theme for firefox (located here:, that is what I did and it works great, for Thunderbird I used stylish, and there's a stylish style that someone made for GTK, if you try it out just search for GTK styles.

As for Calc, I don't use that program, so couldn't say for sure, are you on Gnome Shell? I assume so because you say Adwaita is the default theme, try switching to the standard Ambiance theme and see Calc is messed up with that also, because my theme is just a mod of Ambiance.

- Feb 17 2014
And thanks for the bump, I wouldn't have remembered otherwise ;) - Jan 09 2014
Sorry for the late reply, as soon as I got you message I uploaded to Github, and then completely forgot to post it here,it was like 3AM, so yeah ;)

Anyways, I created a Github repo here:

Just click on the "branch" dropdown menu and select whatever version you want, the versions are labeled by Ubuntu version rather than theme version. - Jan 09 2014
That explains it, the latest theme is made from Ubuntu 13.10, with every version of Ubuntu I redo the theme (if it gets broken, which it usually does), you should be able to download an earlier version of the theme. I think I started with 11.10 if I remember correctly. - Jan 05 2014
Those I actually didn't edit, I mostly just darkened the grays in the standard Ambiance theme, so I'm not 100% sure. I looked through the assets and they don't appear to be in there, so I don't think they are images, unless they're using the "scale-vertical-fill.png" image and then thinning it out, but most likely it's in the CSS.

I would use something like Gpick to get the hex color code, then search every file in the theme for the color code, and hopefully you'll find it.

I ran into similar issues editing the default Ambiance theme myself, sometimes it takes a while to hunt down where something is.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, and good luck in your theme editing! - Jan 04 2014
Sorry I didn't reply to you sooner, gnome-look never notified me of the comment -_-

Anyways, are you extracting the folder from the zip file? I can't remember how I zipped them before, but in the .zip file there should be a folder called "Ambiance Dark", if there isn't and instead there's multiple folders and a theme file, then create a folder called "Ambiance Dark" and extract all of the files/folders into that.

With my latest version I know I did create the "Ambiance Dark" folder in the zip file though, the one I just updated (for Ubuntu 13.10). - Oct 19 2013
I lightened some of the text, but this is as much as I will, if you wish to lighten it more it's really pretty easy to edit the files, if you know much about CSS, just look in the gtk-3.0 folder at the css files, like gtk-main.css. - Nov 05 2012