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Blas Femur

Plasma 4 Extensions by iovar 57 comments

Fair enough - Feb 11 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions by iovar 57 comments

It's a nice applet, but there are a couple of things I wish to mention.

1. There's a bug where the applet on the desktop grows/resizes horisontally on its own. Pretty serious if you ask me.

2. When it's embedded in the panel you only get the control buttons, no information. Most of the time, having track-information is more useful than having buttons to control the player. Perhaps the panel-version could show info in a similar way to kirocker, and only have the controls fade in on mouseover?

Still, this is the most wanted applet for me. I always listen to music in Amarok, and like to be able to see what's playing (preferrably with the cover showing too). - Feb 07 2008
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps by Sebien 324 comments

It would be really nice if it were possible to lock the fullscreen mode, preferrably asking for a password to disable the lock. Fullscreen is great for parties where you don't want people messing around on the computer, but only if they can't get out of fullscreen. - Jun 28 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by Lechio 80 comments

I really like this applet, but I'm not sure if I'm pleased with the new blinking text saying that "amaroK is not playing". This is slightly distracting, and it is similar to important notifications for events in the taskbar. I think blinking text to say in effect that nothing is happening is sort of a bad idea (unless perhaps for pause-mode rather than full stop).

Other than that, I love it, and it has lived on my desktop for several versions now. - Sep 27 2005

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

Apparently the site is moving to a new server.
If you want to access the amarok SVN you could follow the instrucions for SVN on but change the name k3b for amarok in each of the lines where it occurs :)
Good luck! - Jun 09 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by 680958942 3 comments

Thanks, now my magickal desktop i komplete ;) - May 25 2005
Amarok - Blue Wolf

Various Artwork by flow 39 comments

This one is the best so far.
I love it to death. - Dec 13 2004
2nd Ver.KDE_Work Station

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by andrD 2 comments

Wow, this will be my splash-screen for the foreseeable future.

And uh... Don't mention it :) - Nov 29 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by motyR 20 comments

I love it and use it. There should be a version in the preview showing the lovely 'steel' widgets as well, not just the mac-like dots.

Would it be possible to make the colour of the dark frame configurable as well? I like a dark desktop, but I also like options... Maybe an idea.

As stated above, I relly love it! - Sep 28 2004
Metallic Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by linuxgfx 17 comments

These look very good.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of these. - Jun 12 2004
lenin Test

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by asciiwhite 7 comments

Nice, really nice.
You seem to be a bit too 'progressive' though, as tar complains the dates of several files are in the future. ;) - Jun 10 2004
Noia Splash for KDE 3.2

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by jobdrb 3 comments

Why did you make a zip-file of it? I had to extract it and then make a gzipped tarball in order to make the KDE splash-screen manager see the file... - Apr 11 2004
Active Heart

KDE 3.5 Themes by amaterasu 105 comments

What can I say, this is great. I love the buttons, your best style yet.
Some of the configuration-options could use explanatory tooltips though, and I also miss being able to press 'apply' and test the settings as I go. - Mar 15 2004

Graphic Apps by bk12 105 comments

I have yet to see an image-viewer on linux apart from a couple of screensavers which allow you to turn on 'random order' of the images for a slideshow. I'd really like to be able to randomize my slideshows sometimes.
Other than that, great app! - Feb 01 2004
Gentoo Pixelized Throbber

Various Stuff by madpenguin8 2 comments

What is that applet which says "idle" and shows the Noia konqueror icon in tha background? Some sort of network-monitor? - Dec 14 2003
White Acqua v2.1

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by WhitePanther5000 23 comments

Anyone who can code who wants to take this up and place the buttons in their proper positions, that is, with the minimise, maximise and close buttons on the right, and the menubutton on the left... - Nov 11 2003
XPish Konquisidebar

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by scream 6 comments

It looks nice, but where are the 'services'. To me the IO-slaves, Print-system browser etc. are the most ingenious parts of Konqueror as a filemanager. - Sep 21 2003
guy under linen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by thorsel 19 comments

He has a good point there actually. Some people may like this, whether they are gay, bi, hetero, male or female. Anything which the majority votes down goes away after a while anyway, so don't worry about it.
None of these images have content which would be considered offensive by mature adults. Some of the boob-pics were crossing into porn, this does not. I would question the wisdom of uploading all at one time though... That feels like 'flooding'. - Aug 27 2003
guy in bed 2

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by thorsel 1 comment

This one is nice :-p - Aug 27 2003

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by thorsel 2 comments

Why do they all have to be so muscular and 'over-built'. Don't you have any tall, slightly androgynous skinny-guy splash screens? - Aug 27 2003
KDE panel background manager

Various Stuff by djworld 44 comments

I love the 'pipe' backgrounds.
Good work!
The app is nice too, although I prefer to move the wallpapers into the regular kicker wallpaper dir and use the 'panels 2' prefs module. I don't like having application directories lying around, but the app is really handy. - Aug 21 2003
Korilla v1.3.5 (Kool Gorilla)

Icon Sub-Sets by systemx 34 comments

Wow, he takes requests ;)

Much better, I love those gorilla faces too. I'm looking forward to see this develop further. - Aug 03 2003
Korilla v1.3.5 (Kool Gorilla)

Icon Sub-Sets by systemx 34 comments

This is a good icon theme. There are two icons I wish you would change though. First the desktop icon. As it is now it looks more like a terminal/console icon, or perhaps something to do with screen settings. The 'lamp-and-desk' one from KDE Gorilla is better, perhaps you could make that desk blue? Also the Konqueror icon should be changed from the generic webbrowser icon it is now. Again I suggest a recoloured version of the 'KDEified' Konqueror icon from KDE Gorilla.... - Aug 02 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by systemx 90 comments

It would be easier to switch between other icon-themes and yours if you kept with kde icon-name conventions. I've set custom folder icons to some of my folders. I have a mail folder using folder_mail.png for instance, which will also look like a mailfolder on other themes using the same filenames. In yours this is called folder_email.png, and so does not change when I switch to gorilla theme. Take a minute or ten reviewing the names of your icons so switching themes works better.
Other than that: love the theme! - Jul 24 2003
Praha (Prague) Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by toonmuylkens 1 comment

It's the only place I've travelled to twice. Just the most wonderful city in Europe. Thanks for the splash-screen! - Jul 16 2003
SlideShow (GL)

Screensavers by wjarosz 58 comments

I think that is in, or at least very near, Krakow. - Apr 03 2003
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

The throbber in konqueror is totally messed up (replaced with an ugly old konqueror logo) when using 32x32 toolbar icons. I copied the one from crystalsvg (came with KDE 3.1.0) into the new actions directory to fix it.
Apart from that things look nice. I prefer the colourful toolbar arrows to the white ones, but they could use a little polish to make them look less 'thick and blocky'.
I'm still missing a folder icon for wordprocessing though. (folder_wordprocessing.png)
Thumbs up anyway! - Mar 30 2003
KWinAcquaMod +Dropshadows (l3m) - right

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by wishie 10 comments

I'd love to have this one, which has the buttons placed in the proper positions, but why do I get a .deb package rather than a tarball or something? - Feb 26 2003

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by lastfuture 2 comments

I really like it, but the stripes at the bottom look really messy to me. The inactive icons would also look better if they were simply faded and not also behind the stripes. Also, the bubble on the K looks out of place, since none of the other icons have it. At the end of the day I did vote 'good', an I am using it now. - Feb 25 2003
File Manager + DE Usability

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by WinterWolf 35 comments

It does have to do with usability.
Shadows or outlines around text on the desktop makes it more readable against all sorts of backgrounds, and is definitely a usability issue.
As for the file-selection box, that may be mostly a nice-looking cosmetic thing, but also makes the whole thing more visible. I'm sure it's a usability for the visually impaired if nothing else... - Feb 08 2003
KDE Badass Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Skeksis 2 comments

It's far better as a splash than a wallpaper. I really like it. - Nov 18 2002
I just thought I'd tell you that Texstar has made an RPM from this which so far seems to work better (I have not tried to log out and in to see if it stays in kcontrol).
Follow the link from - Oct 09 2002
The fix I outlined above seemed to work for a while, but Mandrake removed the *.desktop file on its own during some maintenance operation. However I see that the ScreenSaver *.destop files are also present in /usr/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers
So I will try copying it to both locations to see if it 'sticks'. Surely someone should know how to do this properly on Mandrake? - Oct 07 2002
The maker of the RPM forgot to include a necessary *.desktop file to get it to show up in the Control Centre. This is how you do it:
Open KWrite (or favourite editor) and save the following in /usr/share/applnk-mdk/.hidden/ScreenSavers/
as KEuphoria.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Name=KEuphoria (GL)
Comment=Euphoria (GL)

[Desktop Action Setup]
Exec=keuphoria -setup
[Desktop Action InWindow]
Exec=keuphoria -window-id %w
Name=Display in specified window
[Desktop Action Root]
Exec=keuphoria -root
Name=Display in root window
Name[en_GB]= KEuphoria (GL)
Name[en]=KEuphoria (GL)
Name[no]=KEuphoria (GL)
Name[nb]=KEuphoria (GL)
Name[nn]=KEuphoria (GL)
Name[no@nynorsk]=KEuphoria (GL)
Name[no_NY]=KEuphoria (GL)

You may of course also just open one of the *.desktop files in that dir and change the necessary details as I did.
- Oct 07 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

Keep it green! We need more colourful themes like this. (Though I admit my favourite icon-theme has until now been slick-icons, which are mostly grey with a little green and red).
The all-blue thing is what repulses me about that new Aqua theme that someone started doing recently. If all those toolbar-icons were blue then they wouldn't work so well with the other colourful icons, and look drab next to each other. Keep them green! It doesn't look that much like XP really!!! - Aug 20 2002
Klassic New Crisp Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by therizwaan 21 comments

Is that a WMP logo I see on the sound mime-icon? I would suggest something like noatuns taskbar icon (in 'play' state) on top of it instead, to keep the KDE theme. Another suggestion would be to make something like the kmix icon, which might be more intuitive (looking like a loudspeaker). Otherwise it looks like very good work, I'm looking forward to seeing it develop. - Aug 20 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

I like some of the new icons, like the shell icon, the menu icon, the Konqueror icon and some others. The new toolbar icons are good, except for the "navigation icons" (the round ones with arrows + home) which look too small (I use sz22 in the toolbar). They also resemble XP, but I don't mind that as much. One glaring omission which I have so far not commented, because I expected them to appear, is folder-icons for documents. The lack of the following: 'folder_wordprocessing' and 'folder_txt' have kept me from using the theme in the past, they are still not there. The 'home' icon looks too 'slim'. I also think the last version (with the red roof) looked better with some of the other new icons. Oh, and even though the new go/menu icon is good, it looks small compared to the others (such as konqueror), at least in 32x32. - Aug 18 2002
The latest stable release of Mandrake is Mandrake 8.2, and not cooker. The Mandrake 8.2 packages of KDE3.0.2 (stable) locate KDE3 in /opt/kde3 (which I believe is more lsb-compliant, correct me if I'm wrong on that one).
Cooker is a developement version not meant for everyday use, but for testing. Hope that cleared things up. However, should this Mandrake RPM not make the screensaver visible in kcontrol with the Mandrake menu system? - Aug 07 2002
System Guardian

Wallpaper Other by peterson 5 comments

Please keep the head, that's the whole point of it I think. There are enough 'klean' wallpapers with stripes as there is. - Jul 08 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by zeki 4 comments

I tried with this one, as well as the other new bootsplash image (in 1024x768) that you had here a while ago. When I reboot I get a black screen and it will not boot in framebuffer mode at all. Are these jpgs somehow unsupported by Mandrake's bootsplash? - Jun 02 2002
Aqua IceWM

Ice-WM Themes by OnkelchenTobi 4 comments

Ok, babelfish does not make any sense in this translation, here's roughly what the man is saying: This Aqua IceWM theme is not made by me, but is made by I have only changed the colours, since I found it a tad boring after a while. (fareben should be Farben, which is why babel made this incomprehensible)

Comment: I like this very much, those really are nicer colours.

- May 26 2002
iKons 0.7 preview

Icon Sub-Sets by kborrey 16 comments

The subject says it all really, this is really good stuff. I used iKons for a while earlier before switching to Slick icons. After trying the 0.7 preview I've switched back again (partly for variety's sake). I really like the new version, and am glad to see a kmail icon that blends in so well with the rest. Although the kmail icon is nice, I don't really see why it says 'e' (evolution?). It'd be nicer with a @ or a K, but this is nitpicking. The only thing lacking to make me convert permanently now is a knode icon. If you were the first to make a toolbar icon for "new tab" in konqueror that would be nice too. - May 19 2002
Old Time Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by joelsonoda 9 comments

I really like the style of it. I would use it more if there were a style and an icon theme that fitted.I particulary like the "sun-disc" version of the KDE cogs. - Apr 04 2002

KDE 2 Themes by renoken 50 comments

I had the same problem on Mandrake 8.1 due to using gcc3.0.x Unless the QT libs are compiled with the same compiler, you are unable to compile most QT/KDE things. Either recompile the QT-libs to see if that helps (I didn't try), or remove 3.0.x and update your gcc2.96 to at least gcc2.96-073mdk. That's how I solved it. - Mar 20 2002
K-metal II

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 3 comments

I agree with those who didn't like the flare, but it got too flat without any lighting. This version is a lot better. Good work! - Mar 10 2002
iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

Icon Sub-Sets by kborrey 177 comments

First of all : This is excellent! I haven't used any other icon-set for a very long time. I do have a couple of requests though.
The KMail icon doesn't look all that good on the kicker with the others in 'normal' size.(32x32?). This is mainly due to the icon being vertically shorter than the others. The Air-mail envelope edges also look less terrific in 32x32. I'd also like to see more folder-icons scale down properly when looked at in tree-view. Some of them, like the grey folder, have no iKons image in the smaller size.
- Mar 01 2002
tricolor marble

Wallpaper Other by baerwoelfchen 5 comments

It doesn't look like much in itself, but works wonderfully on my desktop. - Feb 08 2002

KDE 2 Themes by stephanelassalvy 70 comments

I want my Amiga theme, preferably a few variations such as intuition, XEN-look, Magic-WB etc. I also want to see a glowicon theme for KDE.....

- Feb 05 2002

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Xwarman

9   Jan 11 2011