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Konrad D. , Poland

Browser by mtux 100 comments

for implementing polish blip? - Aug 07 2009
Gaia Recycled

Plasma Themes by jmtodaro 16 comments

Recycled version is better than 09 version for me and with aurorae decoration + gaia color scheme it just looks fantastic. Thanks for this :) - Aug 03 2009

Wallpaper Other by Lemonade 7 comments

it fits well with almost every theme :) - Jul 06 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by Lechio 574 comments

actually I had the same problem as frankqn1. I never even started the plasmoid and when I rebooted my laptop daisy was resized to fit the whole screen and it was impossible to do anything at all. I had to remove the plasmoid from the root shell. Not a coincidence I think :) - Jul 05 2009

Plasma Themes by jmtodaro 87 comments

I especially like the look of battery plasmoid although can't match it with Ghost in the Shell too much :) Keep up the good work. - Jul 04 2009
Gaia Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes
by jmtodaro

Aug 04 2009
Gaia Recycled (Aurorae)

Plasma Window Decorations
by jmtodaro

Aug 04 2009
Gaia Recycled

Plasma Themes
by jmtodaro

Aug 03 2009