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MichaƂ Trybus , Poland
Title bar + menu bar idea mockup

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Mar 14 2006
As far as I'm concerned that's exactly what gnome should have as an option.
Honestly, I don' like this Mac-style menu at the top of the screen, as I prefer anoher panel there, but the menu beneath the titlebar in every window eats plenty of space, especially when used in relatively small resolutions.
The menu isn't used as much as the windos itself, so hiding it is a very good idea.
Unfortunately gnome lacks this feature:(
Your mockup is exactly what I'd like to see in gnome 3-something. Of course not as the default behaviour, but just an option.
The only technical problem is to embed a Gtk+ menu into the metacity window decoration. Not only would it require adding plenty od code to metacity, but also would force a bit of hacking of Gtk+ - Mar 14 2006