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Rohit Kaul
Various KDE 1.-4. Styles

Icon Sub-Sets 217 comments

by flow
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Sep 01 2004
Long time :) - Sep 02 2004
Very nice icons. They are simply awesome. I am really glad that you decided to continue with your theme.

Only minor comment I have is that the "editcut" icon sort of looks like a match-stick at 22x22 or lower. Thanks for your great work! - Jan 22 2004
OpenOffice.org1.1 toolbar icon themes

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 130 comments

by kol
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Oct 27 2003
just remove the:
(path to openoffice)/user/config/soffice.cfg/

Path to openoffice can be found in your ~/.sversionrc

The script also makes a backup (soffice.cfg.bak), rename it as soffice.cfg to restore any previous customizations.

That should fix it. - Jul 19 2004
Just send me an email. We can discuss this there :) - May 06 2004
Are you using a debian based distro? Its a known issue for OOo shipped with it. - May 06 2004
In OOo the menu icon size is same as the toolbar icon size, so the menus appear big. - Apr 16 2004
Please see the requirements section in the Readme file. - Apr 16 2004
This is because color masking is switched off, because the alpha blended icons are not supported yet. has a version of OOo in which inactive icons are masked. We'll have to wait for that. - Mar 30 2004
Thank you and the above posts :-) - Feb 06 2004
After updating your config.tcl to he right path, run -> tclsh genbar.tcl
(not quickinstall).

Also, can you email me/post your ~/.sversionrc - Oct 25 2003
Must be some change I did in this version.
Could you please go to your OpenOffice1.x/user/ directory, and email me the output from: "ls -R"

Thanks. - Oct 25 2003
I have posted a package for creating static icon themes.

It already includes one static theme. - Oct 22 2003
Thanks for testing/information! - Oct 22 2003
The problem with a static theme is the the background color of the bitmaps. If it does not match your OOo toolbar background, then the toolbar dosn't look nice.

I have made a "pseudo-static" script for windows to address this. Unfortunately, I cannot test it (no access to windows comp). If you are willing to test it out for me, I'll email the stuff and you can let me know of any problems or if it works okay. - Oct 17 2003
I'll make a few "static" themes shortly and figure where I can post them (give me a couple of days). - Oct 07 2003
1. convert, composite
2. TCL (8.x)

They come as part of ImageMagick (rpm for Mdk).
Try the following link for more info: - Oct 05 2003
Plastik for Firefox

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 167 comments

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Apr 10 2006
Thanks, firefox integrates really well now with the kde desktop.

A small bug: When the toolbar icons are set to large, the toolbar icons move up until a new site is loaded, and then they come back to the original position. Maybe it has something to do with the greyed out position of some buttons. You can take a look at it.

Regarding, the tab icons, you might want to explore the "Sparkling" icon theme by flow.

Great work, just a little more polish, and it will be awesome. Eagerly awaiting the updates :-) - Mar 20 2004
Hight Resolution

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Mar 20 2004
Changed my wallpaper after a very long time.

Thanks! - Mar 20 2004
KXDocker with REAL Transparency

KXDocker 154 comments

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Apr 15 2006
I can't telnet/ssh to that machine because it is the only home desktop system and is assigned IP address dynamically. - Mar 11 2004
Actually the change log is next to the download link. Anyway, I added the arg for compiler, and it was fast overall, but very slow at restoring the original state.

Also, my X window frooze (kbd, mouse included) when I was just playing around with the zooming effect. Had to hard reboot.

btw, does anyone know of a script or something that will auto-detect if X has frozen, and just kill the X server ?

Overall its a very nice app, heading the right direction, just needs to iron out some minor issues. Thanks! - Mar 04 2004
Kpl 5.0

Science 7 comments

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Jan 09 2017
Very useful for generating a bunch of x-y plots for comparison. I am using it extensively :-)

Suggestion (One area of improvement):
Like the auto-reload function. It could have been very useful, especially for knowing the state of a running analysis, but its implementation does not seem very efficient (especially for large files, takes a lot of time at 100% cpu consumption). - Mar 08 2004

Text Editors 13 comments

by heiko
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Aug 03 2004
Well now... maybe. SciTE supported word-completion, code-folding, multiple files, etc since a long time, plus it is really snappy over remote X wins.

Kate is almost there. With KDE 3.1, it had some issues with the highlighted line blinking. Now its in a pretty good shape, although bugs remain, that show up once in a while.

The only problem with SciTE is (was?) the font rendering. That said, I have no doubts that kate is heading to overtake other editors, at a rapid pace. - Mar 07 2004
Obviously you have not used any Scintilla based editors (e.g SciTE). - Mar 02 2004
OpenOffice 1.1 pseudo-static themer

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 24 comments

by kol
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Oct 25 2003
To just use the static theme included, you should not need to run any scripts (see README).

Anyway, I was working on a small icon theme, but I am very busy till the end of this month, so I'll look into any issues after that. - Mar 06 2004
Wow! excellent job :-) - Feb 19 2004

Your work looks very nice. Here are the answers based on what I know (I could be wrong though).

1) Is there anyway to have 2 different sizes of icons, one for the interface and one for the menu icons ? Right now I am using 24x24 icons for both and the menus are Huge.
A: Once a slot number is associated with an icon, its size cannot be changed, irrespective of where you use it (menu or toolbar).

2) Is there any way to have the icons greyed out when the user cannot use the feature ? This is how the standard icons work.
A: Yes, it is possible. The config file from the link above also has an option for image-masking. However, for alpha-blended icons (like yours), image masking does not look nice (rather, looks quite ugly).

3) Is there any way to just use the PNG images instead of the bitmaps, so we don't need to add a background color or supply multiple userimages for different background colors ?
A: Nope.

4) Finally, where can I find the "slot list" for openoffice, the links i tried says the document has been moved.
A: - Jan 31 2004
It is a known issue and is listed in the dynamic theming script:

From what other Debian users have discussed with me, it may be due to a Ximian patch that debian applied to standard OOo. - Jan 25 2004
:) That was a gnome theme I found on - Dec 17 2003
Need to set icons for that. Will do that in the next release (which might get delayed though) - Nov 18 2003
Finally posted it :) - Nov 15 2003
sure! - Oct 25 2003
you need to copy them to:

If soffice.cfg directory does not exist, you'll have to create it first.

See if it works then :-) - Oct 23 2003
Kde3.2 is amazing

KDE Plasma Screenshots 8 comments

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Feb 12 2004
kde 3.2 menu entries:

+---> Advanced Text Editor (kate)
+---> Simple Text Ediot (kedit)
+---> Text Editor (kwrite)

So, looks okay to me ... - Feb 08 2004
Kicker Pager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 103 comments

by epoch
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Apr 08 2004
This applet works great even with kde 3.2 :-)

Its such a useful feature to have, could it not be a part of the official kde package?

- Feb 07 2004
iKons 0.5 Pro edition

Icon Sub-Sets 119 comments

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Dec 14 2001
One of the very first, great looking original icon theme for KDE.

Thought of adding this remark, two years after the last comment had been posted :-)

- Jan 30 2004

Science 8 comments

by cbn
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Oct 13 2011
Nice application, especially the gui, but grace is so much powerful, versatile and simple to use. Its ui - xmgrace sucks though.

Wonder why no one has created a kde front-end to grace. That would be really awesome. - Jan 29 2004
JustBlue X-mouse theme

Cursors 28 comments

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Jun 09 2004
Excellent work! I would agree with the above, expecially that hand icon needs some work. But I think the shadows are fine.

In some of the themes (like red-dot) the shadows are so strong that it seems like 2 different cursors moving together (at least for people with less than perfect vision).

Keep up the good work :-) - Jan 16 2004
Crystal SVG

Full Icon Themes 131 comments

Score 72.2%
Jun 15 2007
Really really awesome icons. The new folder icons are the best. Just amazing how far the crystal icons have come along from their first release.

I would echo the comments made above. Some of the new icons look very blurry even at 48x48. Hope you'll fix and release em before kde 3.2 comes out.

- Jan 14 2004
I second that. Actually I commented on this up when they *first* appeared in old crystal!

On other note, I am hoping that this wonderful theme is default for KDE 3.2. Is it? - Oct 11 2003
KMess, Live/MSN Messenger for Linux

Chat & Messenging 46 comments

Score 76.7%
Feb 19 2011
Awesome!!! - Jan 10 2004
From FAQ:
Q. Can you add voice chat support to KMess?

A. The code is available. If you want voice chat support, implement it yourself.

This is exciting news! Your answer though limits the voice-chat support to a very small audience.

Any chance it may come pre-implemented in any future versions of kmess? - Jan 10 2004
Evolution 1.4 Icon Themes

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 6 comments

by kol
Score 50.0%
Jan 05 2004
Thanks! - Jan 05 2004
Thanks, I have updated the icons you suggested. Will post them in a couple of days :) - Jan 03 2004
Crystal 1.0 Theme for Mozilla Firebird

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 15 comments

by yf12s
Score 50.0%
Dec 27 2003
Thanks, works very well. A minor comment:

The first icon in Filepicker.png (under global) is a bit misleading. Maybe an up-arrow or something would be more appropriate. - Jan 05 2004
by uga
Score 50.0%
Oct 14 2003
Great theme. I was wondering though if it could be possible to include a version without the shadows.

I know shadows might be aesthetically appealing, but for people with less than perfect vision, it causes additional eye strain.

Thanks for your theme :) - Oct 15 2003
Ghandi's Truth

Wallpaper Other 9 comments

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Oct 14 2003
"[Carl] Sagan met then Indian diplomat .. and in a conversation explained the India connection and the relevance of Gandhi" - Oct 14 2003
(I've) Got Proof!

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 14 2003
Then even nothingness was not, nor existence.
There was no air then, nor the heavens beyond it.
Who covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping?
Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed?
But, after all, who knows, and who can say,
Whence it all came, and how creation happened?
The gods themselves are later than creation,
So who knows truly whence it has arisen?
(Rig Veda, X, 129)

Author: some dumb-fat Indian, 1500 BC - Oct 14 2003
>> Fighting for the Separation of Church & Desktop

Thats a kicker! - Oct 14 2003
Art Of Illusion - crystal icon

Icon Sub-Sets 5 comments

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Oct 10 2003
These geometric shapes look great and go well with crystal theme.

If you use OpenOffice, and would like to contribute to the following, please email me.

It would be really cool to replace the OOo draw icons with a set of these :) - Oct 10 2003

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 51 comments

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Nov 03 2003
>> it seems that the Ksidebar project seems to have more prospects

I disagree. Ksidebar provides a "static" sidebar which does not change, once compiled. So its really limited and possibly will remain as such.

kontextbar provides a "dynamic" side bar which can change as the user goes thru the directries.

e.g. all your picture folders can have a file preview thu python... or your work folders all share common links thru html, allowing easy navigation.

btw1: This program is also written in C++ (like KDE). Remove html/python stuff, and you can develop a static side bar like ksidebar

btw2: kontextbar was released before ksidebar - Oct 05 2003