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Budi Rachmanto @ GTO
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Jul 06 2008
This script is designed for Amarok 1.4. Its behaviour on Amarok 2.x is unknown. Amarok 2.x is still buggy & many features disappeared, and I don't feel like migrating my script until Amarok 2.x got stable. - Feb 21 2010
right click > edit track(s) info > check on [each track] > summary > right click on cover icon > set custom cover > select your custom cover > save & close


right click > EmbedCover > DoIt! - Aug 23 2009
bingo! - May 06 2008
Maybe something got corrupted. Try

$ rm -rf ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok ~/tmp/ksocket-guest/amarok.visualization_socket ~/.kde/share/config/amarok*

and restart amarok.
Hope this helps. - Apr 30 2008
Maybe something got corrupted. Try

$ rm -rf ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok ~/tmp/ksocket-guest/amarok.visualization_socket ~/.kde/share/config/amarok*

and restart amarok.
Hope this helps.
- Apr 30 2008
>The structure is:
Mmm... this info is not enough...

> Is this script looking for a specific image type of a specific location for the Amarok DB?
It uses the images in Amarok DB, which are always stored as PNG. - Apr 19 2008
Hmm... I never had this. The popup comes if the script failed to find the track IDs from Amarok's DB. Any ideas? Weird filename / directory maybe? - Apr 13 2008
Amarok always _automaGically_ converts the cover to PNG into its DB. I think we should stick to this rule. Meanwhile, the backend script (addimage2mp3.rb) is able to embed JPEG picture into MP3 file. So if you want, do it manually with this script. No problem. - Apr 11 2008
Probably... but I don't have any OGG files... - Apr 05 2008
Well, I was in need of software to insert cover image into MP3 files, but couldn't find anything useful, except yours. Thanks a lot. It was outdated so I made some fixes to make it works.
I'm very new to Ruby and can't promise to maintain so any help is welcomed.
-Bud - Apr 02 2008
Can you give more details?
- Have you removed the old script in advance?
- It is better to select/drag-n-drop the track(s) from the Collection, rather than directly from (external) browser. - Mar 31 2008