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Knasen Larsson

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The Stocks Screenlet Project has been cloned and the new project is hosted at where you can download the latest version, report issues or contribute to the project. - May 23 2010
Hi there!

Inspired by your project, I'd like to say that I've started to work with a Calendar Screenlet project that will show multiple Google Calendars. No need for any ics-files, just enter your Google login name and password. It does also deal with recurring events. I would need a few friends willing to help develop the GCal Screenlet as a team. Please have a look at: - May 20 2010
I found out today that if the .ics file contains repeated events on specified weekdays eigenCal won't start up at all.

Here's an example of an ics file entry causing the problem:


The statement comes from a google calendar. For the moment I solved the problem by instructing eigenCal read from a local file that I create with the following command:

wget|grep -v RRULE basic.ics > mycalendar.ics

By the way, I love the eigenCal screenlet. Keep up the good work!

- May 17 2010