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Knut Johansson , Norway
KDE 3.x Window Decorations
Plastik Laptop

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 20 comments

by KMJ
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Apr 13 2006
Yes, sorry about that. You are absolutely correct, and I just realized it a few weeks ago myself, that it don't work on anything older than KDE 3.5. The combination of little free time to spend on it, and no complaints have not given me the initiative to look at it before:-)

I also have a few other smaller changes I'd like to make. So I'll give it a try this weekend. Hopefully I'll get it working on 3.4. - Mar 21 2006
The color schemes are

1. Plastik (KDE Default on 3.5)
2. Point Reyes green
3. clearlooks, - Feb 11 2006
Something was needed to differentiate it from the proper Plastik decoration. And what better way than by giving tribute to the first windowdecoration to have rectangular buttons, the Laptop decoration. - Feb 06 2006
2 possibilities, you don't have KDE 3.4 or higher. Or the most likely possibility, you don't have kdebase development libraries installed. Try installing kdebase-devel or whatever it's called on your distribution.

Or you can search for the folowing files in your packagemanager frontend, kdecoration.h kdecorationfactory.h kcommondecoration.h. - Feb 01 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes 395 comments

by mart
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Feb 17 2009
You are missing the X11 development packages. Development packages are usually where header files lives. You will have to use your package manger to install that package, usually called x11-devel or xorg-devel.

Since that package are missing you most likely miss some other development packages.

Try installing a package called kdebase-devel or some such. This one will require other packages to be installed, accept those too. Then I think you'll have most of the needed packages after that, try running the configure command again. - Mar 02 2006
Try opening client/ and make changes from line 1229 to this:

void polyesterClient::wheelEvent(QWheelEvent * e) {
#if KDE_VERSION >= 350
if (titleLayout_->geometry().contains(e->pos()))

And se if it works. - Mar 01 2006
Which version of KDE do you have? - Mar 01 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 58 comments

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May 29 2006
Great improvement over the current dialog.

But I think the Browse button still are a little hidden. Having it on the same line as the filter kind of fades it. And the different size between it and the Clear button are kind of visually unappealing.

Perhaps moving it down below the Filter(but still to the left).

Or plainly move the filter above the icon box.(Besides is that not more in line with how filters are done other places in kde?) - Mar 01 2006