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Mark Riedesel
Life's a GIMP

Wallpaper Other by Liron 1 comment

Very cute rendition of Wilbur! - Jul 06 2004
Tux in the clouds (Big Version)

Wallpaper Other by venom77 2 comments

Are those the SAME exact clouds as seen in ? - Jun 10 2004
*Kill Bill*

Wallpaper Other by Chaaun 41 comments

I've seen this wallpaper floating around and I had no idea who made it. I've gotta say nice job! I usually cringe when I see people take my stuff and modify it, but I think you did a excellent job! And I like the movie as well :) - Feb 19 2004
Linux friends :)

Wallpaper Other by Gmp 6 comments

You're right, they do look very similar to my penguins :)

Nice job - Nov 07 2003