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daniele bounderby Rome, Italy

Kopete Styles by kanutron 85 comments

Hi there, I like this theme with the No-variant style but apparently, when no-variant is selected there is a big pinky banner on the chat screen. How can I get the same style without the banner?

That is blue-green, full with icons to the right.

lemme know if I'm missing something, thanks - Jun 23 2010
TUX mesh blender model

Various Stuff by trebol-a 9 comments

Materials are impressive, though the effect on top of penguin's head is a bit strange for me. Should that kind of plastic material be transparent? The effect seems not to be uniform also, why?(on top of head I mean)

Great work. - May 02 2007
New Wine Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by leadgolem 8 comments

Have you done this with blender?
It seems so looking at the screenshots :)

regards - Apr 30 2007
Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes by manowarlord 155 comments

Great work!
However, the lack of difference between true folders/files and symlinked ones is really a problem for me. Couldn't you add a little arrow to the symlink version of folder and file icons?

Thank you all, regards - Apr 23 2007
Vital Statistics

Karamba & Superkaramba by carl0ski 3 comments

Hi there, i've problem with temperature sensors.
I see a strange simbol in place of the the number of temperature.
The simbol is something like this:

I really like this theme, how can I fix this problem? - Sep 20 2006