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by kleag
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Nov 14 2010
I should add that kgraphviewer should work out of the box. If you have problems with it, please ask ! But writing to or or open a bug report at would be easier to memorize the problem and its solution.


Gaël - Apr 15 2012
Hi, unfortunately kgrapheditor is just an experimentation currently. It does not work. I should remove it from the release process. - Apr 15 2012
All packages are generated through the OpenSuse build service. I have no knowledge of deb packaging, so I can just point you to the files used to configure the OBS here: - Nov 05 2010
You should build it from source: there is no xubuntu 10.10 repository on OpenSuse build service... - Nov 05 2010
Yes, there is: the first one. - Nov 02 2010
Yes, all links have been updated to point to version 2.1 - Nov 02 2010
Hi, The documentation and i18n are back in the 2.1 release. But the folder is still the same. I'll correct that next time. - Nov 02 2010
Changing (default) background color is now implemented. Will appear in newer relases. - Sep 30 2010
Could you send me the source of the graph, please ? At kleag A T free _DOT_ FR

And it would be much better if you could open a bug report for the edges and a wish for the background color at
It would be a lot easier to keep track of these problems. - Sep 19 2010
Great idea! Please let me know if you miss any feature or if you find bugs. I would be very happy to help you use kgraphviewer in your app.

- Dec 30 2007
For all versions, you need the boost libraries (devel package) installed. It should be tested by the configure script.

For the 1.0.4, that you should use, it seems that it is the checking code that causes problems. A full output of the messages would be helpful. Even better, a bug report at would help to solve the problem.

Older versions are not supposed to work anymore. - Oct 20 2007
Try the new 1.0.4. It should solve the problem. - Jul 14 2007
I just corrected the problem, at least for me. I'll do a bug fix release in 2 weeks after giving time to the i18n team to continue the translation.
If, in the meantime, you want to try the fix, you can download the source from the KDE extragear SVN.
I'll put a note here when the new version will be available. - Jun 24 2007
What version of graphviz (dot -V) do you have ? I just saw this same bug with graphviz 2.12 under Mandriva 2007.1.
I'll correct that as soon as possible - Jun 07 2007
Concerning compilation: it seems that your Qt is compiled without STL support. KGraphViewer will compile only with a STL-enabled Qt. Sorry. You'll have to find the right Qt package or compile it yourself...

Slacky package: the 0.9 version had a bug when used with GraphViz 2.8. Maybe do you have i ? This problem is solved with 1.0rc1 - May 29 2006
You're right. It's now corrected on subversion. Thank you. - Apr 12 2006
Maestro Metronome

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Dec 07 2009
It works perfectly. Thanks a lot - May 29 2009

Tactics & Strategy 82 comments

by kleag
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Jul 17 2010
Wow! That will be great! And in fact, your experience will be very useful.

A detail: remember to use only graphics on which you have the copyright or that are under a free license.

If you need help/support, please come to the kde-games-devel mailing list or on #kdegames on freenode - May 11 2008
Another detail: the next version with kde 4.2 will be able to download its new skins using KHotNewStuff. - May 10 2008
I agree that KsirK graphics are a little bit ugly. In fact, I am not an artist and current graphics are the result of the raw conversion of old png to svg.

But KsirK is already completely skinable. If you look in the sources, there is a folder skins with all the necessary data.

The complete package with kde 4.1 will contain a documentation with instructions to create skins. - May 10 2008
In the last release (1.8), I updated the waf build system. Hopefuly, it will solve this installation failure.

Could you test ? - Dec 22 2006
First of all, sorry for the long silence.

Could you send me
1. the output of the 'env' command
2. the output of the 'make install' command

KsirK should be installed in the directory where is the rest of KDE and the configure script should find it automatically. Maybe this does not work on Gentoo...



P.S.: I will have few internet access from tomorrow to january 3, so don't expect too much an answer until then. - Dec 21 2006
I changed the controversial map. I think that the new one have not these problems. - Dec 19 2006
Thanks for your advice. In fact I got it from the GPL jrisk and as it does not look exactly like my version of the Risk game, but maybe is it another version. I will verify and change that if necessary. - Nov 23 2006
That's a good idea. In fact, I'm currently in the way of reusing one of the jrisk map. But I cannot just reuse them as there is more data in a KsirK skin than in a jrisk map.
But I could automatize some steps and try to reuse some generic data. I will immediately add that to the TODO list. This will be done for the first KDE4 version of KsirK (1.9) - Nov 04 2006

This is the same symptoms, but not the same problem :-) What's your gcc version ?
Anyway, try to replace line 151 of ksirk/GameLogic/gameautomaton.h by:
inline Ksirk::KGameWindow* game() {return m_game;}

If it solves your problem, I will include that in the 1.7 final release.


Kleag - Oct 28 2006
Hello, you must have the kdegames-devel package installed to compile KsirK. Do you have it ? - Oct 14 2006
That's great ! Thanks a lot ! And I see that 1.7beta2 is already packaged. Wow ! - Oct 12 2006
Thanks to you too :-)

Should the SlackBuild script be integrated to the source repository ??? - Jul 29 2006
Thanks a lot. I'm happy to see KsirK available to non-compiling users - Jul 29 2006
Thank you ! File modified... - Jul 29 2006
I just (15 minutes ago) updated the tarball. Do you have ksirk-1.3beta5-2.tar.bz2 ? It should solve the problem ?
If you already have this tarball or if it does not solve the problem, could you open a problem report on ? It is so much easier to identify bugs and follow their resolution !
Thanks - Jul 17 2006
Sorry, I did not see your message. Could you please retry wit the new version and report at

Thanks - Jul 17 2006
configure and Makefile are helper wrappers around (previously known as scons/bksys). Try "./ help" and next:
./ --prefix=DESTDIR configure
./ build
(sudo) ./ install - Jul 17 2006
Please report on the web site with full details and we will try together to solve the problem. - Oct 05 2005
Thanks a lot for your good comments ! There is actualy some peaple working on skins based on SVG graphics. For native support, that could be a good idea for future verion. - Oct 04 2005
Try to run the script runuic inside the Dialogs directory and then run make again. - Aug 23 2005

Sorry, I did not see that some text was lost in the test program during the adding on the forum.
I have put the file on the KsirK download area, here:

So, you can do the test. Thank you ! - Aug 12 2005
I will take your advice into consideration. Thanks.

I suppose you used the RPM ? In other case, you should have experimented the same compilation problems as with 1.3beta1 - Aug 11 2005
Any name will do ! Myself, I named it qtstl.cpp

STL is the Standard Template Library, a full part of the standard C++ language since some years now but that were not well supported by compilers for a long time. But now it is and it's support should be compiled in Qt.

I heared that some distributions still give Qt without STL support. That should be changed. - Aug 11 2005
Thank you for your appreciation.

For the crashes: do you use the 1.2-2 version ? The first 1.2 had this crash problem which was solved in 1.2-2.

If you have 1.2-2, then this is a new bug. Please report it at:

Thanks. - Aug 11 2005
It looks like if your Qt was compiled without STL support (which is not good). Could you please check with the little program below (found on the web) ? Put in an empty directory and do:

qmake -project

and see if it compile fine.


int main()

std::list items;



if (std::binary_search(items.begin(), items.end(), QString("5")))

for (std::list::iterator it = items.begin(); it != items.end(); ++it)

If if compiles fine, then you have STL support and we should search for another problem. Could you then open a bug report here, please ? :

Good luck. - Aug 11 2005
Well, there is currently no binary distribution nor specific scripts to build on a specific distribution.

Anybody wanted to create packages would be very welcome ! - Aug 03 2005
Thanks for your very positive feedback !

The history is a very good idea. I will add it in the TODO list.

For the zoom possibility, it's not a bad idea, but is probably difficult to implement. New skins of various sizes would be easily feasable.

Anyone interested in creating a beautiful wide new skin ??? - Jul 13 2005
Sorry, but what did you download exactly ? If it is the source tarball of ksirk-1.2-2 (and it is the only non-buggy source for now), then you should untar it (tar xvzf , configure (don't forget to give the location of your KDE distribution to the --prefix option), compile and install. Sorry, but I have no time to prepare pre-compiled binaries.
You can find more complete instructions in the INSTALL file on the web site...

Good luck ! - May 30 2005
Well, really, as I had already replied, I had a look to your maps and, yes, it could be a good starting point for new graphics. But let me precise two or three points:
- the original map is voluntarily over simplified ! I don't want to hurt anybody. Choices I made are mainly random. I had only to put no more than 40 or 50 countries on the earth map... (See the history of the game on the web site for details) ;
- I am not a graphic artist and I plan mainly to work on code, so I count on volunteers to create better graphics.

Please, if you have time, propose novelties. They will be positively examined. - May 25 2005
Well, that's a real bug !

Could you, please, fill a bug report at ? This would be useful for me as it would initiate the use of these sites by users.

I will contact you by mail to try to obtain more info on the crash. - Apr 05 2005
> First
Well, I don't agree. There is a lot of arguments saying the contrary. I let everybody refer to the Web.

> Second
That's a case of pragmatism. Political pressure should continue to allow more and more free software in France and in Europe in general. The creation of the CeCILL license is an important thing in this idea.

> Third
The CeCILL license has been created by CEA, INRIA and CNRS together and, AFAIK, the FSF approved it or is in the way to approve it (refer to the Web). The fact that these organisms create this license is very important. It proves that they are not completely commercial ones. - Apr 05 2005

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Nov 24 2014
To display dot files, you can try my kgraphviewer application. Even if it is still (and since a long time !) in its early stage, it can display a lot of not huge dot graphs.

It is based on the graphs widgets used in kallgrind. But a lot of enhancements and cleanings should be done, maybe using qanava... - Mar 09 2006

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Jan 30 2018
Yes, they are useless... - Oct 21 2005