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VLC Extensions by exebetche 816 comments

A little extra documentation:

Once you download the file and save it to your Mac- make sure you rename it as displayed on the download page next to the download button on this page: something like: vlsub_0-6.lua

Then copy the file to the correct folder: In Mac OsX go to Applications in Finder. browse to VLC App. Right click on VLC App: select the option "Show Package Content" then browse to the folder mentioned in the App description /Applications/ (Fyi: I had to create the "extensions" folder) then place the lua file in it.

OPTIONAL: I recommend to open the file with text edit and change the default_language. search for the line : default_language = "fre" at the beginning of the file and update it to : default_language = "eng" - save the lua file.

Close VLC - start VLC
In "VLC" menu go to "Extensions" and you should see the 'VLsub" menu > start it!

I usually don't change the language from there and use "hash" - click "OK"
then select the appropriate subtitle file.

Enjoy the show!
Cheers - Oct 09 2012

VLC Extensions
by exebetche

9   Oct 09 2012