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Amarok 2.x Scripts 19 comments

by kk7
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Dec 02 2008
Hi guys,
It's right: the project is currently on ice. missing API was one thing but since version 2.1 some important features were added so my only excuse to not fix it is my lack of time (which is a bad excuse :) ). But I will release a new version until end of June.
And sorry for the website: I'm not affiliated with them directly: I'm only the guy with the plugin :D - May 25 2009
Make sure you have "random (smooth) path" activated in the configuration or else the script will stick to a given song as you described.
I agree, that the small database (~400'000songs atm) is the biggest problem for the script to perform well. And this number is limited by hardware... :(
I am looking forward for a better database which can do estimations for coordinates such that all songs on are also recognized. Hopefully I will find some time in february to work on it myself... - Jan 22 2009
Thank you very much for your motivating post. ;)

I suppose nobody heard of before since its a running research project and this script is somehow the first attempt to actually bring this to the user.

I hope a developer will soon add some signal handlers for 'song-added' and 'song-removed' from the playlist and stuff like this. So I could reduce the nr of hacks in the code and maybe create a beta version. But I'm happy you like the new way of playlist generation.^^ - Dec 05 2008
Thx for reporting. I fixed the bug (global variables are mean).

Integrating this as a bias would definitly be a good idea and it would be easy to implement once an API to amarok exists (adding a bias button + all the needed signals). - Nov 25 2008