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K. Solowoniuk Bonnyville, Canada

Beryl/Emerald Themes by kjs 1 comment

I've now got it to work with openindiana. There really insn't any reason why it wouldn't, I just had to build emerald for oi. Oh, if anyone knows how I can get rid of the statusbar resize grip (you know, the little dots in the bottom right corner. They look terrible with this emerald theme.) in my Clearlooks theme, that'd be great. - Feb 26 2011

Metacity Themes by mcella 12 comments

Please ignore the above message. I figured out how to have the title right justified. It can be achieved by changing occurrences of:

x="(3 `max` (width-title_width)) / 2 + n"

x="(3 `max` (width-title_width)) -5"

thanks - Aug 14 2010

Metacity Themes by mcella 12 comments

I love the theme, actually I'd like to see Debian use it as their default. One thing I was wondering about though is the title position. I would like to move it to the right, and have my buttons on the left. I've figured out how to move the buttons using gconf, would it be hard to move the title?

Thanks for the nice theme. - Aug 14 2010