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Kjetil Kjernsmo

Utilities by sodamnmad 10 comments

Quicksynergy is nice, but I got here looking for something that would fit in with the system tray, which it looks like it does.

I didn't manage to get it configured for compile though, and I haven't used kdevelop before, and it didn't get me there.

It wouldn't happen that someone had a pre-compiled kubuntu package for i386, would it? - May 08 2007
3.5.x Xinerama improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Seli 16 comments

I submitted that bug, and I'm happy to see that there is Xinerama work here.

I understand my feature request is non-trivial, but it is the single most wanted feature for me right now. I'm reminded pretty much every day about how nice it would be to have. Thus, I'm also offering some money for it, not a lot though, since I do not have a lot.

I'm just wondering about the likelihood of this being implemented? What is involved? Would it require patching in X? In Xinerama? Would it have implications for code outside KDE? Massive rewrites of Kwin code?

I think it would be a real killer feature, something I could brag about to friends... And it does have 8th place one the Kwin wishlist now...


- Oct 21 2006

Kicker Panel by prairiedog2k 17 comments

Wow, this looks cool!

I have this nice button on my keyboard that says "Search" and then there's lineakd that allows me to use it. That is, when I hit the "Search" key on my keyboard, I can have it run some command.

Therefore, what would be really cool is if there existed some command that can be executed to put the cursor in the search field?

If I had that, I didn't need to touch the mouse... :-) - Jan 30 2003

Noatun Skins by toonmuylkens 17 comments

Wow, this is a really cool idea! Great stuff, I just installed it!

I'm just missing one thing I use often, a button to toggle the playlist order. That is, I often like it random.

That would make it just perfect! - Jan 28 2003
Winterscene III

Wallpaper Other by python_double 8 comments

Ok, so may sure you've read my How to use a compass before next time, then... :-) : - Dec 15 2002
Hormel is actually quite cool about it, take a look at
But, they are requesting that people are not using the word SPAM in CAPS, and that you shouldn't use a product image. Which I think is fair enough, and I think it is something that the artist should take note of. - Dec 09 2002
Free Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by tmielnik75 28 comments

This is a really great icon theme, after having scaled the icons for other sizes, I have made them my default! This is good!

Now, I look forward seeing your icons for actions, too! :-) - Dec 01 2002
Free Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by tmielnik75 28 comments

As the author suggested in a thread belonging to the older package, you can always scale them down.

I did with mogrify, and they look good (I also scaled up to 64x64, but I haven't looked at those, suppose they're not that good).

Basically, I did
mkdir 16x16
cp -a 48x48/* 16x16/
cd 16x16
mogrify -resize 16x16 apps/*
mogrify -resize 16x16 filesystems/*
- Dec 01 2002
Tocllaraju in Sunset

Wallpaper Other by kjetil 2 comments

Thanks! Nothing to be done about the thumbnail, but perhaps the reason why it is rater so low is that I've used the 1024x768 as preview....? I mean, people wouldn't want to download the whole picture when downloading a preview, would they...? - Dec 01 2002
Memphis 2002

Icon Sub-Sets by elhay 23 comments


These icons look very original, I downloaded them and really like to try them out, but I can't seem to find a index.desktop file in there...? Is there any other way to install them than using such a file? - Dec 01 2002

Ice-WM Themes by Dany-CL 5 comments

Ah, this looks extremely good! You don't feel like making a Mozilla theme along similar lines to make the tabs look similar, do you? :-) - Oct 31 2002
kolorful Style and Color Scheme

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by menak 14 comments

I'm seeing the same problem on a Debian Woody box with the unofficial 3.0.3 standard woody builds.
The files are there, but Kolorful (which looks very nice!) can't be seen in the style menu. - Oct 31 2002