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Matt B
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 1742 comments

Awesome, can't wait! This is by far the most complete transformation pack I've ever seen :-). I'm also excited after seeing that DockBarX now supports thumbnail previews. - Jun 11 2010
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 1742 comments

For the Indicator Applet icon, I think you should use the Action Center flag icon instead, because the envelope icon seems kinda out of place and I've never actually seen a taskbar with that particular icon on it. - Jun 08 2010
I realize a "hack" was released to do this automatically for any theme, but the breadcrumbs it uses are different than the ones used in Unified-mod and Elementary-mod and I prefer these. Not to mention I did this a couple days ago before it came out. - Apr 23 2010
Dropline NOU!

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 32 comments

It's been a year since you last updated. The one negative comment I have is that this iconset isn't very complete. Please continue work on it! - Sep 04 2009
Dusty Mint

GTK2 Themes by dlkreations 4 comments

I love Dust and am glad somebody made a green version. However I don't really like the color selection. The green is too bright. I realise it doesn't show up on the top of the window if you change it, but still. Also, in the next revision, can you include the option to use the borderless version? Oh, one more thing; you should probably delete the other duplicate listing since it's outdated. Keep up the good work! - May 07 2009

GTK2 Themes by LostProcess 4 comments

I'm intersted to know why you would make a theme for every color except Noble. Do you have something against purple? - Apr 29 2009
Dropline NOU!

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 32 comments

I like the icons as they are now. Isn't there enough black in Linux themes already? It's getting really tiring that every theme has to have black in it. - Apr 16 2009
Semi-transparent Cursors

Cursors by bkudria 8 comments

Looks great, but the only two cursor images I am seeing, is the stadard arrow, and the finger-pointing arrow. The rest are just the default cursor theme. Is this intentional? - Apr 16 2009
All of the other Nimbus themes on here aren't fixed so that the folders all display correctly. Finally somebody actually knows what they're doing. Thanks! - Jan 21 2009
OpenSolaris 2008.11 Gnome Panel

Various Gnome Stuff by louisdk 5 comments

I've been looking all over for this, because it's not included in the Nimbus theme. You're awesome.

As for a screenshot...just go look at a screenshot of OpenSolaris if you want to see what the panels look like. - Jan 21 2009