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Dolphin Service Menus

Dolphin Service Menus 19 comments

by kinus
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Nov 12 2009
Hi :)

Yes, getting the status of a file is definitely an option and will appear in the next version.

As for only having the menu show up for dropbox items, I'm not sure if that is possible given that dropbox-servicemenu-kde is a KDE service menu and thus is limited by the Desktop Entry specification [1]. If someone can suggest a way to do this I will be more than happy to implement it.

Also, in the next version the following features could possibly be implemented:

- get dropbox status
- stop the dropbox service
- start the dropbox service
- get the status of an individual file
- get the status of all files

Please let me know which features you would like to see and I'll do my best to get them into the next version and release that version as soon as possible.

[1] - Dec 29 2009
I didn't see it as complaining in any way :) I like the feedback and always like to hear how I can improve things...

Yes, I'm sure the KDE community would be very happy...I will see what I can do ;)

Watch this space! - Nov 12 2009
Great! Glad to hear that I could be of assistance :) - Nov 12 2009
Currently dropbox-servicemenu-kde functions only as a wrapper around the official Dropbox python CLI.

The CLI provides the following functions:

status - get current status of the dropboxd
help - provide help
puburl - get public url of a file in your dropbox
stop - stop dropboxd
start - start dropboxd
filestatus - get current sync status of one or more files
ls - list directory contents with current sync status

So any of those functions could easily be implemented. I'm considering writing a complete KDE version of the nautilus interface over the Christmas holidays but that is still on the cards ;) - Nov 12 2009
Thanks for the heads up Sciamano72 :)

Could you perhaps suggest some of the improvements and functions you would like to see integrated? - Nov 12 2009
Ah yes, the problem is that you're running the install script from your home directory when the dropbox.desktop file is in the dropbox-servicemenu-kde directory.

To fix, cd into the dropbox-servicemenu-kde directory and then rerun the script.

For you this would be:

cd /home/dve/dropbox-servicemenu-kde/

Let me know if it works :) - Nov 12 2009
Thanks Rod :)

I have implemented the function that you suggested. It needs Klipper to be running to work though. Enjoy! - Nov 12 2009