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Plasma 5 Applets 22 comments

by kinta
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Nov 20 2017
It's a regular expression replacement so here comes an example: s/Hello/Goodbye/g

echo "Hello world" | sed 's/Hello/Goodbye/g' :
Goodbye world - Sep 30 2019
This will be global, so i am not seeing any use case. If you are interested in such functionality maybe you can do a PR. :) - Sep 30 2019
I have not planned this feature, sorry... But source pull requests are welcome :) - Jan 04 2019
Hi, I removed the white space, anchoring everything to the left. It makes sense. Will be included in next release.
About, the other issue it is following what the global menu (appMenuModel component, menuAvailable method) is giving, so I cannot change. It's defined that label has disabled style whenever window has menu available or window is not active, but it doesn't affect font weight directly.
Look at .

I cannot know it, but maybe your theme overrides the font weight in "label" disabled style...

Anyway, next time please use gitlab issues to contribute to widget developing. Thank's for using and reporting!
- Jul 04 2018
It's working again. The migration to gitlab changed the release workflow... - Jun 25 2018
Activity bar task count

Plasma 5 Applets 3 comments

by kinta
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Nov 25 2017
xtekhne, thank's for your comment and your feedback. I am sorry but the main motivation of this plasmoid is to track the tasks running in all activities, so it's not useful to hide the inactive activities if they have any task... Also, by default in plasma desktop, there's a tab(known as cashew) in every desktop with the name of the current activity. This plasmoid also highlight the current activity. So sorry I am not planning to work in this direction.

Thank's - Oct 04 2018
WebView test

Plasma 5 Applets 2 comments

by kinta
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Dec 08 2014
Hi, It was a qt issue... you can find it here: - Dec 18 2016

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 4 comments

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Dec 28 2011
Love it - Dec 07 2012

Various KDE Stuff
by cleitonfelix

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Dec 01 2009

by doug101

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Dec 01 2009
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Dec 01 2009

Audio Apps
by trisz

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Dec 01 2009