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andres m
Win2-7 Pack

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Aug 23 2017
sorry for the multiple repost

-Gnomenu: added on panel working OK with windows 7 theme
-Dockbarx: added on panel, moved and configured to work OK!
-Emerald: select the theme, then run on terminal emerald --replace. I had to set this to run on startup.

Now is fully working.
Tomorrow iĺl try to set the logon screen. - May 06 2010
Thanks for your answer. Excelente theme!

Por el nombre y por los ejemplos en el emerald con canciones de rata blanca imagino que vas a entender esto :D

Estuve mirando, instalé pero no pude hacer andar el genomenu, dockbarX ni los temas del Emerald con diseños transparentes. Solo el Win2-7Basic (engine legacy).

Espero con ganas la salida del pack con soporte para 10.04.

Saludos - May 06 2010
OK i just downloaded it and installed

it was everything ok but this:

ERROR: Compiz fusion icon Installation Failed!
ERROR: Screenlets Installation Failed!
ERROR: DockbarX Installation Failed!

i got no transparent windows and the start menu is not vista/7 style, its just like win 98 style.

Hoy can i change this?

Add picture.

- May 06 2010
does this version works on ubuntu 10.04?

its another version adapted for lucid lunx but the download link is broken or the file deleted. - May 05 2010