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Adrian K Bucharest, Romania
Unity Albino

Metacity Themes by Anywhere 3 comments

nice, but could you make this also with squared corners and also maybe eliminate the icon in the top left? - Dec 17 2007

Full Icon Themes by yopnono 70 comments

Best looking theme ever (in my opinion) and i have tried a lot of icon themes but this is just superb - Nov 28 2007
Shere Khan X

Cursors by HeWhoE 11 comments

i installed this cursors op epensuse 10.3, they just don't work, the only time that the black mouse is shown is when i am using firefox and even then the busy or working in background cursors are the default ones from open suse, tried to change them with other one didn't want to change them, tried to delete, no change there either. any idea?!?! - Oct 09 2007

Metacity Themes by thekalabawfactor 7 comments

this is by far the best and bug free gnome theme i ever used. i've tried a lot of gnome themes but at some poit all of them seemed to have bugs or were just not polished as they looked in the previews... so gr8 job... - Oct 09 2007