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john smith

GTK2 Themes 52 comments

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Oct 03 2008
Very nice!

Just one small thing. I think the Window Menu button at the top left is little buggy. It doesn't light up quite right like the other min, max, and close buttons.

Also, maybe moving the arrow on that button up a little bit might look nicer. It seems a little low. But that's just my opinion.

Besides that, I like it a lot! - Sep 24 2008
Thanks! I made the highlight a light-blue color and now it looks much better. I like it better than v1.1 :)

Just one little problem. I'm using Ubuntu. In the Chromibuntu theme, for some reason the minimize tab is messed up. It's like a part of the border of that tab is smudged out. It could just be my computer though...
- Sep 18 2008
Very nice theme! But that red highlight on the task bar is kind of annoying. Maybe a bluish color would be better? - Sep 18 2008