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Lexus Usplash

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Feb 14 2008 - Feb 15 2008
Not sure if I am understanding correctly - but you issue the command "make" and that will build the .so file. "make install" will install. Rebooting will result in the new splash being displayed. - Feb 14 2008
MacX Usplash Theme

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Feb 14 2008
You cant just replace the image. You can however change the image by creating one with using indexed colors and using the same pallet as the existing images and spinner.

You can send me the image and I can see if I can help you out. - Jan 24 2008
To get back to the original splash

1. sudo rm /etc/alternatives/
2, sudo ln -s /usr/lib/usplash/ /etc/alternatives/
3. sudo dpkg-reconfigure usplash
4. sudo usplash -c

Step 2: Modify it for whatever splash you want - the command shown will set it to the default ubuntu splash.

Step 4 will switch to a console and show you what splash is configured without rebooting your machine. - Jan 24 2008
Made the change requested to move the spinner lower below the apple. It now will show 1/2 way between the bottom of the apple and the bottom of the screen.

Should look more like the real deal now. - Jan 23 2008
It is possible to position the spinner lower under the apple. Any idea how far down it would need to go?

Would you say perhaps 1/2 way from the bottom of the apple to the bottom of the screen?

Anyone got a screenshot showing the position?

Sorry but I do not have access to an osx box. - Jan 22 2008
Point taken - however, there has been significant effort in getting a linux box to have the same look as OS X (icons, wallpapers, dock, themes, etc).

The thing I have found is the usplash themes did not appear at all like the boot splash for OS X - thus the reason for developing this usplash theme.

Some will like it, some won't. For me it was a great start at tackling custom animation on usplash instead of just using the progress bar. - Jan 17 2008
Was able to play with the spinner image and coordinates to remove the ugly bar under the spinner.

However, it still appears to jump up a pixel at the last frame of the spinner. I will have to look into that when I get more time. - Jan 16 2008
Yep - and the circular dependency message is just a warning and is safe to ignore. - Jan 15 2008
I have noticed a glitch in the animation of the spinner. A bar at the bottom of the graphic appears at the last frame of the spinner.

Anyone have any ideas what is causing this? It looks like the y coordinate jumps up a pixel?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! - Jan 14 2008