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Jun 15 2018
:-) - May 20 2016
Thanks a million :-) - May 20 2016
Thanks for letting me know!

It's fixed on GitHub by adding a DEPENDS to the resource generation (tested with -j2 and -j4): - Oct 21 2014
Hi janet,

Thanks for the feedback! I think, it'd really be a good idea to be able to adjust the font size of all text in general... I'll look into that! You'll probably be able to see it implemented incrementally in the code on GitHub, as for the next release I'll solely be working on fixing/improving/updating the current feature set.

Lukas - Oct 12 2014
Glad it's working now :-)
Lukas - Sep 12 2014
Hm, with Phonon installed, there should be no problem... Which system/distro are you using?

Btw: It's "-DPHONON=OFF", don't forget the "D" after the dash "-" (though that might just have been a typo here)...

If nothing works, try passing the above flag to a fresh compilation (i.e. delete "old" build/ folder and re-create it)... - Sep 08 2014
Hi Voroshek,

Can you make sure, that you have Phonon installed on your system?

You could try passing the "-DPHONON=OFF" to cmake before compiling (though this will disable the Phonon features, i.e. playback of music during a slideshow). Starting with the next version 1.1 (which should be coming over the next few weeks), Phonon will no longer be needed, but I'll make use of the Qt5 Multimedia functionality... - Sep 07 2014
Well, that sounds like exiv2 is missing on your system...

Btw: I'd recommend using v1.0 since it brings many updates and bug fixes. - Aug 15 2013
No problem, am glad that's sorted :) - Jul 22 2013
Hi Sagart,

Sorry for the late reply, have been gone on holidays the last three weeks...

Did you try the latest development snapshot? This issue should already be fixed there. You can find the latest code on github:

Let me know if that works...

Lukas - Jul 21 2013
Hi vishnubk,
Unfortunately, printing an image is currently not possible from inside Photo. You have to fall back to another image viewer (like gwenview or the like). Photo once had basic printing support, but it wasn't up to standard. I hope to bring it soon back, in an improved way. Maybe already in the next version, can't say for sure yet...
Locating a file in nautilus, however, is rather easy: Simply entering "nautilus %f" as executeable will do the trick. %f is a placeholder for the filename (also possible: %d for the directory).
Let me know, if you encounter any problems with that. - Mar 05 2013
Thanks :) - Jan 25 2013
Hi hotice,

These entries are just some default. You can adjust and change (add/remove) them in the settings window (Tab "Other Settings").

Lukas - Jan 23 2013
Hi Mikko,

You're right, thanks for letting me know! The problem is, that I accidentally rotated the image the wrong way round in the mainwindow.cpp (that's why swapping the 90 and 270 worked for you).
I actually was just about to release v0.9.1 with two other big bugs fixed, and I'll now also include the fix for the exif rotation.

Thanks again!
Lukas - Jan 22 2013
I'm glad to tell you, that I managed to get this issue solve (even discovered&fixed another bug along the way).
I do a little more testing and probably sometime tomorrow I'll release v0.9.1. It probably will take a couple days before it shows up in the ppa...

Lukas - Jan 21 2013
Hi DaIceman,
I'm currently downloading Ubuntu 12.10 to try to install it on my old laptop. I hope to find the cause and a solution hopefully this evening. I'll let you know :) - Jan 21 2013
"The new main.cpp replaced in /usr/share/doc/vlc-plugin-pulse/libvlc/QtPlayer/main.cpp"

Oh oh, you shouldn't replace this one. The one I was talking about is the main.cpp that is in the Photo source code when downloaded from its website. But since you said you installed it via the ppa, you never actually see this one.

Hm, the error "Invalid interface to SNW_SERVICE" shouldn't be related to this issue...

Try the following:
Open a terminal and run photo directly giving it the filename, i.e. for example:
"photo /home/images/someimage.jpg"
Does this open Photo and load the image? - Jan 21 2013
Did you compile Photo yourself?
I'll just sent you an email with a slightly modified main.cpp, try to replace main.cpp with this one and see if that helps. - Jan 21 2013
Hm, 1366x768 should work without problems (I'm having the same).

If I got you right, then you store your images in /home/images/, i.e. on a seperate partition not in your home directory. Maybe something's not working there...
Try starting Photo from a terminal, and then load an image by clicking on it in your file manager. Does the same thing happen? Do you get any output on the console? - Jan 20 2013
Hi Tankafaire,

Hm, that's strange... what resolution is your screen? And what's the absolute path of the image? - Jan 20 2013
Oh, thanks a million for letting me know!!

The problem was in a typo I made as I was transferring the website from its old freehoster to a new host... it should be fixed now :-) - Nov 24 2012
Sorry for the late reply...

Oh, you're right, I just had a look, and that's actually a bug in v0.8. It isn't possible at the moment to set a mouse shortcut for an external command (only for internal). I didn't actually know about that until 5 minutes ago...

In a couple days I'll release a language update for Photo v0.8 with a couple added translations, and I will also include a fix for this bug.
Until then, you'd need to stick with keyboard shortcuts for external commands... sorry about that! - Oct 29 2012
I'm glad you like Photo :-)

Do you mean a right-click menu on the thumbnail view? Or on the big image?
That's right, there are no such menus right now at all (the difficulty with such menus is, that they are very platform/system setup dependent). But it might be not a bad thing to have customiseable right-click menus with some defaults pre-set and then the possibility to adjust them e.g. from the settings windows... I'll give it some thought... Thanks for the idea :)

In the meantime, you can already set an external shortcut for gimp (e.g. use "/usr/bin/gimp" as command - the path could be slightly different on your system), and you can even append the current filename to that by adding a " %f" at the end of it. If you also activate the "Quit" option, then Photo closes (or minimises, depending on your settings) when running gimp.

Hope that helps :-) - Oct 24 2012
Thank you :) - Sep 24 2012
Hi moonchild19,

The problem seems to be a wrong md5sum. The correct one should be: ab7c9f79a269e1332a00d20ece9953d9

Hope that solves it :) - Aug 26 2012
Thanks a million, updated link on website :) - Jul 31 2012
Thanks a million :-)
I also made a note on the website about that. On the download page if you click on the PCLinuxOS-link, there's now an alert box telling the user he can find the package in the official repos. - Jul 28 2012
Thanks a million :) - Apr 11 2012
Hi glad,

sorry for the delay in getting back, I was quite busy the past couple weeks...

1) You're right, PageUp and PageDown, both keys don't work right now. That'll be fixed in the next release
2) I'm not sure about setting wheel up/down as a default shortcut for next/previous image, that could possibly be a little annoying at times
3) That's right, the "Delete File" action currently does indeed perform a hard deletion of the file. Implementing the "Move to Trash" functionality is certainly desireable, however not that easy, since the Trash is handled differently on Win, Mac and the WMs of Linux. But I'll look into that, hoping to find a good solution working on as many systems as possible
4) Hm, I actually assumed the debug messages wouldn't be there anymore when building Photo in release mode (since I used Qts qDebug() construct). Apparently that's not the case, so I will have a look at it (although it doesn't have the top priority right now)

Thanks a million for your feedback!! - Apr 11 2012
Well, both features didn't exist yet up to and including 0.7.
Cycling through the images is possible now since 0.7.1. Printing support is a really good idea, will most likely come in 0.8...

I'm really glad you like Photo :) - Mar 23 2012
No worries.
Thanks a million for the new rpm! Updated the link in the download list :) - Mar 23 2012
Nice, thanks a million!! Updated link title :) - Mar 23 2012
Thanks a million!! Updated the list :) - Mar 23 2012
Thanks a million, added it to the list!

Am glad it's working now for you :) - Mar 15 2012
main.cpp:242:21: error: expected primary-expression at end of input
main.cpp:242:21: error: expected ‘;’ at end of input
main.cpp:242:21: error: expected ‘}’ at end of input
main.cpp:242:21: error: expected ‘}’ at end of input

That almost sounds like the file didn't download properly, because line 242 doesn't contain any major statement and definitely has no errors, and it's not the end of the file, there's a good bit coming after this line.

Try to download the source again freshly, there must have gone something wrong there... - Mar 13 2012
Hm, that's strange.

Well, I just downloaded Ubuntu 12.04beta1 and installed it in VirtualBox, and there are only 5 packages I needed to install for photo to compile just fine:
- libqt4
- cmake
- c++
- exiv2
- libexiv2-dev

Could you make sure that all 5 of them are installed?

Also, you might need to remove your previous photo build files and start fresh... - Mar 12 2012
In ubuntu you also need to install the package "libexiv2-dev". Apparently that isn't possible to accomplish with muon (the kde gui for ubuntu's packagemanager), but I don't know about gnomes...
Well, if you can't find "libexiv2-dev" in synaptics (or whatever your using), you can simply install it via "sudo apt-get install libexiv2-dev".

That should solve the problem :) - Mar 12 2012
ghostly-talamaur, thanks for your two feature requests. The smooth transition of images is a really good idea and doesn't seem to be too awkward to implement, i.e. it'll probably come in the next release.
Smooth zooming (like Picasa does it) might be a bit trickier... I'll have a look (it certainly would be a nice feature), but I can't make any promises...

Regarding your "flickering" problem, I actually noticed that myself already. Unfortunately there's not a whole lot I can do about it, because that's caused by the way Qt builds up its windows. I just checked in Openbox, and the flickering really is pretty bad there, so I'll have a look and try some hacks to decrease it (maybe minimizing the window during build up, ... I'm sure there'll be something!).
ThundLayr, the reason why it might seem to almost disappear in KDE, that's caused by KDE being a Qt based environment, i.e. all the libs and Qt stuff is always loaded and ready to be used, so that Qt windows are build up a bit faster (I think). - Mar 09 2012
I'm really glad you like it :)

I also added a note in the description, that rotating/flipping is never permanently... - Mar 08 2012
Well, Photo actually doesn't save any rotation/flipping permanently to the file. In fact, it never accesses an image file for writing purpose.
However, Photo stores a rotation/flipping internally (and thus a rotation is kept even though you switch back and forth between images), but only for each session, i.e. whenever you close Photo all rotating/flipping that you've done is gone. - Mar 08 2012
Nice, added it to the list! Thanks a million :) - Mar 03 2012
The past couple days I've been working on that, and I can tell you that it definitely will be coming in 0.7 :)

Btw: Your last comment is also still there, on the previous comment page. - Feb 27 2012
Nice, thanks :) - Feb 22 2012
Glad you like Photo!

Rotating an image as stored in its exif data is a good idea, it'll probably come in 0.7. - Feb 21 2012
You need to install "libexiv2-dev" (note: it's *not* "libkexiv2-dev"), and it should compile just fine :) - Feb 20 2012
Nice, thanks a million! :) - Feb 20 2012
Well, apparently that seems to be a common problem with Ubuntu 10.04 and Qt 4.6.3... there's nothing I can do about that, sorry!

You either have to compile Photo yourself (simply download&extract source, cd into dir (in terminal): qmake, make, sudo make install) or you upgrade Qt to Qt 4.7. I don't think it's in the "normal" repositiories for Ubuntu 10.04, so you have to add this one:
deb lucid main

Hope that helps :-) - Feb 02 2012
Hi Fernando,

can you check, which Qt version you have installed? I've found in different forums, that there's sometimes a problem with Ubuntu 10(.04) and Qt 4.6/4.7...

kicher - Feb 02 2012
Is coming in 0.6 :) - Feb 01 2012

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May 25 2015
Looks interesting, but I can't find the source code...? - May 25 2015