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key-7 ^~^ , Germany

Plasma Themes by TheRob 117 comments

thank you for this great awesome theme! - Jan 05 2010
MacX Usplash Theme

Usplash Themes by kilo323 33 comments

I need a step by step noob style intsallation guide for this. can't get it to work with startupmanager (usplash package installed). thx in advance. - Nov 15 2009

Plasma Themes by ireko 57 comments

Please make an updated version that works proper on KDE 4.2.x and later on KDE4.3.x !
Great theme!
- Jun 04 2009
[Cairo-Dock] Oxygen

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino 13 comments

Very nice, good effort. But can you please change your file host? Sendspace really sucks! - May 02 2009

Cursors by webbed 3 comments

This is just what I needed for my GNOME setup. Thanks a lot! - Mar 25 2009
Pidgin Oxygen Style

Icon Sub-Sets by ajashton 9 comments

this is cool and useable. Best pidgin dock icon I found on the www. Thank you very much for sharing! - Mar 02 2009
Murrina Crystal

GTK2 Themes by zhuqin 153 comments

cool. I am using it now and it's great!

thx for sharing! - Jan 23 2009
Murrina Crystal

GTK2 Themes by zhuqin 153 comments

I think scrollbar-ish would overdo it.
Just white with a slight light grey gradient (like in "glossy") would do it, so the toolbars don't look that old school. IMHO it would match the theme perfectly.

Kind regards

key-7 - Jan 15 2009
Murrina Crystal

GTK2 Themes by zhuqin 153 comments

This is a great gtk-Theme. It would be even more great if the toolbar was skinned
like the toolbar in Ubuntu's "Glossy", so the nautilus or firefox toolbar is not just grey...

thank you for sharing! - Jan 15 2009

Full Icon Themes by calvicie 28 comments

Your icon theme looks pretty good. But come on, snips sucks for sure. Choose a file host like megaupload or something.
I canĀ“t download anything @ snips. Deadlinkz! I wanna download! - Mar 18 2008

Utilities by giorgiotani 182 comments

this lil'piece of software made my evening even better. thank you. - Feb 27 2008