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Maya Serie

Cursors 23 comments

Score 77.2%
Dec 17 2014
I'm not seeing the colors? Just Black? - Mar 14 2020
GT3 GT3EX Icon Set

Full Icon Themes 9 comments

Score 71.4%
Dec 18 2019
Fantastick! Thanks, nice work! I just tried out Nitrux to play with KDE Plasma and the Distro is pretty cool. Just won't work after it updates. Tried half dozen times full reinstall on 2 machines with the same results. I think I'll try Neon next.
- Feb 20 2020
I don't see that exact theme anywhere?
Is it available? Which DE is it Xfce, Budgie, Mate, KDE? - Feb 20 2020

Conky 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 17 2019
If using Conky Manager it can be started up like this as well:
Edit the file in the .conky directory
Add these lines after any other conky's your are running:
(Note: /home/user/ folder path /user/ is whatever your named user folder is is used /pc/ generically)
cd "/home/pc/.config"
conky -c "/home/pc/.config/conky-URW.conf" &

It runs like a champ.
- Feb 13 2020
Awesome simple meter with lots of colors. Editing was a breeze for my needs.
Thanks so much! - Feb 13 2020