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Jean-Philippe St-Laurent Dion

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Aug 19 2014
still not working, thanks anyway for your help, i've installed your theme from noobslab and its ok, working fine and beautiful, a little bit heavy on my pentium D with only 2gb of ram but worth it, still a pity because you had a bunch of other theme included but anyway we can say its not working on 12.04 lts.

Thanks again! - Oct 22 2013
tried on ubuntu 12.04 lts, is it normal, is it because im not on 13.04 or 13.10?

je@je-ThinkCentre-A63:~$ sudo apt-get install delorean-dark-themes-3.8
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E: Impossible de trouver le paquet delorean-dark-themes-3.8
E: Impossible de trouver de paquet correspondant à l'expression rationnelle « delorean-dark-themes-3.8 » - Oct 21 2013