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Stephan Roolvink , Netherlands
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
KMilo - Customizable DefaultSkin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 22 comments

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May 15 2007
because I want a clean as possible system I created the kmilo deb package for kubuntu.

I hope distribution maintainer will pick this patch.

I always hated kmilo - May 28 2007

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Aug 23 2007

When try to install the ubuntu package I get the following error.

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of kwlan:
kwlan depends on kdelibs4c2a (>= 4:3.5.5-1); however:
Version of kdelibs4c2a on system is 4:3.5.5-0ubuntu3.1.

I looked it up and the 4:3.5.5-1 is a feisty package not an edgy one. How did you upgrade to this version?

I got an other idea fo rthe app. You now show all the access points in that are somehow configured, could you make it so that only the available accesspoint are given, and the hidden accesspoints? - Feb 11 2007

I allready created a script that does that. But thought it might be an idea to let kwlan start a dhclient when it detects the new interface.

>In kubuntu, I start it as a normal user, >you nned
>to allow this user to start
>/tmp/kde-user/wrapper*.tmp using sudo to >enable
>Kwlan to do administrative tasks.

I tryed that, but somehow I don't see any info from wpa_supplicant. I can start wpa_supplicant but then it doesn't know it's running. So I that's where I get stuck. - Jan 03 2007

I got the following problem when I recover my laptop from standby mode a new set of eth0 and eth1 are detected. This mains that if now I have two interfaces in kwlan called eth0 and two called eth1.

A suggestion when a connection is astablished with an AP. The program says it's connected while in fact you still have to get an IP adress. Till that time It should say it's connecting.

I sometimes use vpn. the Kvpn tool doen't really work for me so I open the connection through the commandline. That creates a new network device. Is it possible to make kwlan start a dhclient process when that happens?

I use Kubuntu, how do you run the app? I have only got it to work using kdesu. Which is not completely ideal.

The improvements to kwlan are great, keep up the good work. - Dec 30 2006
One item that can be removed is however the general kwlan icon. I believe that nobody will use it frequently so why not put it into some config dialog. - Dec 30 2006

I love this tool, their are though a couple of things I ran into while using it on vacation.

I would like to have the possiblity to use a single wpa supplicant config file, and be able to restart it with the program. This has to do with the fact that my network interface hops from eth1 to eth2 on boot.

More information about the connecting process could be usefull.

When I'm in a place where I don't know a wireless AP, It try's to connect to the last connected one. And doesn;t really react when I add a new one.

Now for the last thing. When it can't get a dhcp lease it keeps asking me the restart te process even when I say no. - Oct 21 2006

Full Icon Themes 66 comments

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Oct 19 2007
the icon for the battery state could be inproved I have no idea what the battery state on my laptop is right now. The rest of this theme is very nice :) - May 08 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 31 comments

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Jul 01 2006
The thing is I don't want to incorporate into a tool that is specificly for keyboard. In my home situation I also use the DCOP interfaces for the use with lirc, and A flatmate of mine wants to use it to show player information on het keyboard lcd display.

Looking at the way linux is build up, and the different ways people use their pcs, I belive this is more versityle solution. - Mar 21 2006
to get your keyboard working try this link

I had problem with my newly installed ubuntu by doing this I got it working - Mar 21 2006
Should be fixed now. If now just let me know and I will look at it - Mar 21 2006
lineak is only a mapping to a specific player not a bundle of players at the same time. - Mar 20 2006
are you're multimedia keys in a keyboard map?? try using xmodmap. If the keys are in the map binding them to the program can be done via your control center and the regional & accessibility and then khotkeys - Jan 05 2006
If X is configured right the keys are usable, but by default only the volume and mute then works in kde, the other keys aren't bound to anything.

If you can't get you're keyboard to work try googleling for it or use xmodmap to create a keyboard mapping for your keyboard. - Jan 05 2006
new package which should fix this and some other bugs are now available - Aug 27 2005
I think I found the error edit you makefile and change OSDWidget to osdwidget, will try to find out why this has happenned - Aug 27 2005
I have seen the error before, but a room mate of mine fixed it, he will be back after the weekend I will ask him then what he did. I will try to look up to commands he did, maybe it's still there

I thought the problem lies within the absence of some header files that should be on the system but I'm not sure.

Will give you more info asap. - Aug 27 2005
support for xine, xmms and other non dcop service mediaplayers is still on my wish list, and should be do able if I know how to do good readout of either the proc filesystem or if I could get the information from kde it self. I have been thinking of making an applet as extra front end, but there are a couple of things that I have to make do/know before I can do that.

1. A new range of functions needs to be implemented, like getpossitioninfile(), and getTitleOfSong().
2. would it be better to make a applet or an karamba theme? - Jun 15 2005
What would I change the name to it is what it says it is - May 31 2005
I know of that applet but it doesn't do what I wanted and that is give the user more freedom when using more then one player at the same time and controlling them, via my multimedia keyboard, which is not possible with the applet. also it has more features then the applet in the sence of control. Because you can change the possition in a song without having to touch the mouse, you can control the volume of the mediaplayer if that is set in the config.

I think it a great addition for people how switch mediaplayers a lot. - May 31 2005
hmm, stange My archiver says it's there. Well I repacked it it should be there now - May 29 2005

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
It's handy that yakuake will always start when you reload your session, the problem arises when yakuake is already running then it's starts yet another yakuake. To counter this efect changing the main.ccp to be a KuniqueApplication will do the trick. a patch can be found here - Oct 11 2005
in the code main_window.cpp the is a function decreaseheigth the hide() function is commented out try uncommenting it it might have an efect - Oct 06 2005
for those of you who can't wait for version 2.6 here is a other xinerama patch

- Oct 05 2005
for those of you who can't wait for version 2.6 here is a other xinerama patch

- Oct 05 2005
I added an extra feature for the xinerama patch the console can now be set to come to the screen where the mouse is - Oct 03 2005
I added an extra feature for the xinerama patch the console can now be set to come to the screen where the mouse is - Oct 03 2005
I looked at the problem of the workarea and I made an appropriate patch that takes notice of the work area


here are a pix of the problem with working with workarea by the way

this is what I get using youre implementation, not really nice either.

Trying to use the workarea is a nice idea, but it's not the best solution - Oct 03 2005
hmmm, oke I will look in to it, I still think this patch is the right way forward, this has more to do with some features a xinerama program should commit to. see xorg website for these features
I will continu adding the patch for my self and post it here.
- Oct 03 2005
Hi the horizontal positioning is a nice feature but for true xinerama support you have to look at the location of the individual screen because other wise you will get a the console in the blackt out area. for exampe i use one screen at 1600x1200 other at 1142x786 which leafs a gap of 336x786 in my case this above my right screen. I would advise insert my previously given code to implement it in the right way. Thnx - Oct 02 2005
hey, didn't see my changes for xinerama from the last time so I went and created it again for this version.

one extra thing I love the tab bar but I think it would be better it has the same color sheme as the console itself. - Oct 02 2005

you're code is nice and need so it wasn't that hard to make the program xinerama aware the updated main_window.cpp and main_window.h are in the download
it works perfectly :) - Sep 27 2005

you're code is nice and need so it wasn't that hard to make the program xinerama aware the updated main_window.cpp and main_window.h are in the download
it works perfectly :) - Sep 27 2005

I really like the program but it would be even nicer to have xinerama support - Sep 27 2005
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Dolphin Service Menus 27 comments

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Jul 24 2004
I have been trying is on a Ati card with some succes, it's should possible but you have to tweak it a bit from the nvidea version. the basics should be the same

good luck - Sep 04 2005

by doitux

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Mar 23 2009

System Software
by BRE

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Feb 12 2009

Plasma Themes
by mageden

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Feb 11 2009