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Atilla Karaca

DockbarX Themes by M7S 997 comments

Hi, I like DockBarX applet, it looks very beautiful and useful together with gnome panel. I have a tiny bothering issue with it, I use onboard screen keyboard, when I launch an application on DockBarX and after when I minimize the application by clicking icon on DockBarX, a dotted border appears around DockBarX applet. It depends on the theme I pick up. It doesn't appear on certain themes. I use AlbaCloud, I notice that it appears on themes that use colored right-click menu. A guy published a workaround for hiding gnome panel handle here
Is there a workaround for my problem?
P.S. I use natty 64 bit and I use gnome-panel Win2-7 themes
Thanks - Sep 19 2012