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Keifer Miller
Crystal Clear for GNOME

Icon Sub-Sets by CrystalforGNOME 25 comments

I think that the reason the GANT icons are more clear is because they are made in a completly different style. The fact that alot of the elements are outlined in black also helps them stay crisp looking, even when scaled down to 16x16. Of course, it's also possible that different methods were used when scaling the images down. - Jul 12 2005
aKademy aKademy 2005

Various Artwork by marianoviola 2 comments

Very stylized, I like it. :) The black seems to stand out a bit though, maybe if it was a dark green/purple? - Feb 26 2005
aKademy 2005 : Koncept

Various Artwork by Keifer 2 comments

Ok, thanks, I'll fix that, and upload a new version tonight. Hopefully, it will also have a different layout, and some minor fixes. - Feb 25 2005
no offence taken, I just decided to try and post our ports on gnome-look, but I stoped when i couldn't upload the icons (to big). And yeah, his icons are everywhere, I use 'em, because I can' find another theme that I like, and is consitant at the same time. - Oct 05 2004
KXDocker GBattery sensor plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by stefano 3 comments

is that the default image? I realize that it is a _really_ cool image, but people are starting to over use Arlo Rose's (konfabulator) images, expecialy given that he is working to stop this.

other then the choice of images, a fairly good idea

Just my two cents

-keifer - May 31 2004