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Plasma Themes by mschu 12 comments

Or GNOME/Gtk+ theme? - Dec 14 2009

Plasma Themes by mschu 12 comments

Is there any chance you would make matching Google Chrome/Chromium theme? I know this is too much to ask (I have tried to make it myself but I failed). I just thought that maybe you use Chromium too or something... it would be cool to have it nicely integrated in KDE4.

Anyway - your theme is the best, thanx for making it.

- Dec 12 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by mjmccans 397 comments

Great widged - except for the fact that it can somehow see accounts that are not configured in the settings. Friend of mine just used Konqueror on my PC to check his email and logged off after that... but I can see the messages he got in my Gmail plasmoid - how is that even possible?
When I check gmail-plasmoid settings, his account is NOT there (so I cannot even remove it)! Can that plasmoid somehow read passwords or cookies from Konqueror's memory or something?
I hope that issue gets fixed soon because it is really cool widget and I thank you for that. - Nov 08 2009