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Brad Jorgensen , New Zealand
Black Vista Ubuntu background

Wallpapers Ubuntu by fredknex 16 comments

Dude, I've seen some of your other comments too and they're just so over the top. - Jul 08 2008
Ubuntu ultimate Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by keulieminogue 4 comments

Fuck you guys are faggots. Yeah the wallpaper is kinda shit but fuck, get over yourselves. You guys take this shit too seriously. - Jul 08 2008
Black nm-applet

Icon Sub-Sets by olavjunior 2 comments

Love it. It looks way better than the blue - Jul 02 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu by kiriapurv 16 comments

dont listen to these ppl. theres too much of this pretentious mac vs windows vs linux faggotry around. It looks quite well done to me. - Jun 17 2008