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by kbo
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Nov 13 2011
Good timing! The server was down for about 11 minutes :) - Sep 17 2012
Version 0.4.4 provides only an additional menu item to manage Konsole's profiles. There seems to be no way to create a konsolepart with another profile. Konsole does not yet provide any way to even query the profile list. There is a request on to add this API.

I'm currently testing a rather dirty workaround to find Konsole's defined profiles and activate the settings of a named profile within an existing konsolepart. So far this approach seems to work but it is very ugly and will most probably work only with a few versions of Konsole. - Nov 13 2011
Finally, the last major bugs are sorted out and I will release version 0.4.4 within the next days. This version contains some greater changes, so I'd prefer to test it on a few systems before making it "official". For all who want to help testing and try it out, I have uploaded some temporary packages to

Please report any bugs you find here or send me a mail.
Karsten - Nov 06 2011
In version 0.4.3 there is no way to use Konsole's profiles except changing the settings of the default profile (right click on a Konsole). I just started working on integrating Konsole's profile setting capabilities into QuadKonsole4, so I suppose to have basic functionality in the next release. - Oct 12 2011
The new package for Debian Wheezy should work on Kubuntu and other Debian based distributions shipping KDE > 4.6.1 and libkonq5abi1. Could someone test it? - Oct 01 2011
Thanks for all the information!

It seems that at least Kubuntu has changed the name of the package containing libkonq to "libkonq5abi1". So, my Debian package will simply not work on Kubuntu :(

I will have a look at the new packages and perhaps there will be another Debian/Kubuntu package with the next release. - Sep 16 2011
Unfortunately, I have no Kubuntu to test it. But it seems as if the dependency information of my package is incompatible with Kubuntu's package management. Could you try to compile a package on your system? The easiest way is:

git clone git://
cd quadkonsole4

Please send me the package or at least the control file if the build succeeds. - Sep 16 2011
Probably there are many people around that don't know QuadKonsole. I just tried to describe it, but corrections or improvements are always welcome. - Sep 13 2011
Which Debian version are you using? I only installed the package on a Squeeze without upgrading anything. The included version of libkonq5 (4.4.5-2) should work. - Sep 13 2011
Unfortunately there are 2 features that require a newer KDE release. The first one is the KEditListWidget, which can be simply changed into a KEditListBox. The other one is a function to determine if a KPart is able to handle a mime type.

I will try to change both, so QuadKonsole4 will work on older KDE releases, too. - Aug 18 2011
Great! I started my Squeeze VM and finally got my first Debian package. Don't expect too much but at least it includes the binary: - Apr 24 2011
Thanks for the trouble! And happy hacking :) - Apr 23 2011
Reposition login greeter dynamically

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 2 comments

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Dec 09 2009

I had the same problem. TwinView merges the two screens into a single one but somehow Xinerama can still work with the individual displays. Try activating Xinerama in your xorg.conf and compile qt with Xinerama support. I did not change any themes but have the greeter displayed centered on the left monitor. Works with KDE 4.3.1 and 4.3.3 for me. - Dec 09 2009

by thomas12777

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Nov 05 2011