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Plasma Window Decorations by phob1an 19 comments

As far as I know, modern KWin does actually still support the old KDecoration2 engine, but when clicking "Get New Window Decorations" in KWin settings, that only searches the Aurorae section on this site.

So, it may be possible to just port the theme over from Trinity or KDE 3.x, because I know someone else has ported over the KDE 2 window decorations to modern KWin.

The only other downside with KDecoration2 that users may notice, is that themes have to be compiled from source code, and don't drop in like Aurorae themes can. - Oct 18 2018
Bluecurve Revival

Metacity Themes by novomente 14 comments

You can use a theme called "Blueshell", but make sure you install the package "gtk2-engines-wonderland" prior to enabling that theme, for the GTK2 portion to work.

Unfortunately, the theme has several bugs, two of which are that title bar colours don't get set correctly, and the GTK 3 Header Bars don't get skinned correctly, but I like to blame those on how bad GTK 3 is currently.

I've been trying to fix the theme, but haven't been successful. - Apr 07 2018