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Early Morning

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Jan 20 2009
It's very clean looking. What font are you using? And yay for Queen :) - Jan 22 2009

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Apr 15 2009
Thanks for the theme! I was wondering though if you could make a Metacity window decoration for this theme? I really like the Emerald theme, but I don't use Emerald because it doesn't play nice with my system for some reason. - Jan 03 2009
I downloaded the package, but the .fonts folder doesn't contain anything. Could you include the Conky fonts? Thanks. - Jan 02 2009

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Aug 25 2008
Oops, nevermind, figured it out. For those interested, just add the below to the Elegance2 gtkrc:

style "default"
GtkTreeView::odd_row_color = "#ffffff"
GtkTreeView::even_row_color = "#f3f5f9"
} - Sep 08 2008
Hi, great theme, just a question. Usually in other themes, when viewing nautilus in list view, the lines have alternating colors, which makes it easier to rad a list. What can I change in your theme to have that (for example, something in gtkrc, etc.)? - Sep 08 2008