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Kristian Beres

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Jun 14 2013
I cant see any problems, all emails are correctly counted and displayed.

if the email has inbox & custom label it will be shown as new email once in your custom label and once in inbox count. That is the difference i can see here.

you can always check directly

let me know what will be the count in xml.

PS. The red gmail icon represents the latest email.... just an eye candy.
- Jun 16 2013
Your credentials are stored on ~/.config/Katropine, password is encrypted.

At the moment you have to have a cookie in your browser so you can go directly to your email from GmailSniffers main window, it is a little paranoid
approach. - Jun 16 2013
Yes, good point, download again, should work now. - Jun 15 2013
It does not. Next version will, it is in development. - Jun 15 2013