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Karn Onas , United States of America
Polar Icons - Beta 1

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Oct 08 2008
Your download link is broken. :) - Aug 07 2008
elementary Icons

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Apr 09 2010
Only noobs use Ubuntu? Im not a Ubuntu user either, but anyone that uses a Linux Distro no matter what is very smart and in no case a noob. Only a noob would bash a linux distro. Figure out how to create your own distro noob. The fact that Ubuntu is owned by a multibillionaire and asks nothing for their distro and offers some of the best support over any linux distro on the net shows alot. Ubuntu is a great distro, maybe not the best, but definately not in any way bashable. - Mar 27 2008
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Conky 62 comments

by Whise
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Feb 29 2008
wow, you really need to work on your coding skillz. I have had to change this screenlets code every single version. Good idea, but u have yet to release a working version. - Feb 20 2008
Green Apparatus

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Dec 30 2007
Rename the theme folder to default. Then edit or create ~/.Xdefaults and enter this code at the beginning of the file Xcursor.theme: GreenApparatus
Xcursor.size: 32

save the file and restart X. (ctrl+alt+backspace) - Dec 30 2007

GTK2 Themes
by jameshardy88

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Jun 09 2009