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Aug 20 2015
I just tried your patch.. That works perfect... (at least for my script) Great! - Aug 20 2009
Great... looking forward to the patch... - Aug 20 2009
I am trying to get the router IP by adding the following as an entry in the "Context Menu" box. But the context menu doesn't really do show any info. The command I want to use is this:

kdialog --passivepopup "$(lynx --auth=SoMeUsEr:SoMePaSword -dump | grep -A2 "IP Address" | grep -E "[0-9]" | grep -v "192.168." | sed -e 's/^ *//g')" --title "Router IP" 5

The details are irrelevant, but I was expecting to see the kdialog popup from the context menu!! - Aug 19 2009

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Dec 01 2015
Never mind, I am reading the handbook - figured out the reconciliation process...

But some icons are missing, eg. Categories, Monthly report, Units, "two-way-arrow" for transferes - Aug 15 2009
The download page showed a .deb (0.2.9) file which installed fine on Debian/Sid !!!

The transfer from KMM also went "almost" smooth. Very impressive. Though, I am not sure whether the "transfer" transaction were imported correctly.

I see a "Hide checked operations" on the top of the operations context. But how do I check an operation. - Aug 15 2009
Looks interesting. Two questions:

1. Any Debian/Sid package?

2. Any way to transfer the data from KMyMoney to Skrooge? - Aug 11 2009

by jstamp

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Aug 20 2009

by willy9

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Aug 11 2009