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Che Guevara

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Quote:Che Guevara stood for peace and equality amongst all men, that is why he split from Castro. The only reason he helped take over Cuba in the first place was because he was upset (rightly so) at the regime that WE Americans put in to control.

I had to register just to reply to this idiocy. As a Cuban I am very offended to read things like these,and to see how some imbeciles perpetuate the myth that Guevara was some kind of hero. He was no more than a war criminal and a thief who took part in that huge fraud that was the Cuban "Revolution". Next time you think about saying or writing such stupidities,try to get your head around the fact that we Cubans prefer to die in the ocean than stay living under such a system. This isn't a perfect country but it sure is the best there is!
Some people just don't appreciate what they have and you seem to be one of them. Grow the fuck up! - Oct 25 2007