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Cursors by Stefanmdk 23 comments

I said it a few years ago and I say it again today, I LOVE THIS MOUSE THEME! Thank you so much!

I just had a small problem installing it this time. I'm running CentOS 4.3 now and the Control Panel won't accept the zip file. It says it's an invalid archive.

I extracted the contents of the archive without problems (aparently there is nothing wrong with it) and moved the whitelarge folder to /usr/share/icons/
After that I started the Control Panel and the theme was there. I selected it and restarted KDE. It works perfectly! - Apr 25 2006

Cursors by Stefanmdk 23 comments

Ohw, how I love you for this!
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!
It's perfect!!! - Jan 28 2005