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itzak schmoikl
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

Plasma 4 Extensions by PlasmaFactory 1198 comments

just for information: i needed to change font size for the current temprature from 46 to 31. to all others who have the same problem: you need to change it in line 198 in yawp.cpp
- Dec 07 2008
ok, seems that i just needed much patience

but if i install the theme in systemsettings now (kcontrol is outdated in intrepid) it doesnt change much. most icons in kmenu are missing or simply wrong and the folders still got the old icons

im using kde4, so maybe it isnt made for it - Nov 28 2008
i downloaded both files

when i start the from the source pack terminal says:

go into the themedir..
[localhost@localdomain ~]$ cd theme-source
...and now we run the theme maker...
[localhost@localdomain ~]$ buildset
./buildset: 1: .org: not found
./buildset: 31: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
mv: Aufruf von stat für „*.tar.gz“ nicht möglich: No such file or directory
finish and at end, you can now install or copy your'e theme ;)..puah.. :D=b
[localhost@localdomain ~]$ cd ..

i copyed all the icons from the other file to the theme-source folder then, but it ended with the same error.

if i start the, nothing happens after choosing the kmenu icon. it just says:
Using the kmenu.png icon as your kmenu icon.
Ready to go! Converting all icons! (about 15 seconds on an Athlon 64)

but i got quite a fast computer, so it shouldnt take much longer than 15 seconds.
am i doing something wrong? - Nov 28 2008
simple weather forecast

Plasma 4 Extensions by biophysics 204 comments

same problem here. fonts worked nice in version 0.2

maybe you should add the possibility to change fonts+size manually (like in "adjustable clock" plasmoid) - Nov 26 2008
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions by Emdek 354 comments

ok, works since update ;) - Nov 15 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions by AlexeyTyapkin 4 comments

plasma crashed, when i tried to configure the plasmoid.

im running kubuntu intrepid with newest kde 4.1 - Nov 15 2008
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions by Emdek 354 comments

its working for me now, but if i put the plasmoid on a panel, its getting bigger and bigger until the whole panel is used by the clock o0

it doesnt stop growing and i need to delete it. - Nov 14 2008
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions by Emdek 354 comments

doesnt show up in plasmoid list.
building worked fine and plasma was restarted

i have kubuntu intrepid with newest kde4.1 - Nov 09 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions by jrepan 21 comments

thank you for your answer, but i have another problem now.

i deleted the two installed files (the .desktop and the .so file) compiled it again and after i restarted plasma the plasmoid didnt work anymore! if i add it to my desktop there is just a tiny box, no configuration option and the remove option in the right-klick-menu says "remove 'unknown widget'"
i tried deleting and reinstalling the plasmoid three times but nothing changed. - Nov 06 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions by jrepan 21 comments

could you explain how to choose single channels? i added the list of german channels from, but i want to select just four of them.

and could you maybe add the possibility to replace the channel names with their icons? would be a really nice improvement for your plasmoid ;) - Nov 05 2008