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Jun 16 2020
I've done some experimenting and it seems the issue only occurs if I install the theme by the "install_without_background_img" script from GitHub. If I manually download the themes from this site (OpenDesktop) and place them in the /usr/share/themes, then this problem does not occur.

Maybe something to do with the install script? - Jul 06 2018
Rebooting system and selecting the theme from GNOME tweak still results in this problem. I also forgot to mention that my screenshot was taken after a fresh system install of Solus Budgie 10.4 (10.5 was a typo, it should be 10.4). So I'm quite sure that I didn't make changes to the system that is causing this issue. Perhaps some changes to Budgie in 10.4 that is causing some incompatibility issue with your themes? - Jun 28 2018
I've installed this theme but unfortunately some elements are missing after applying. You may have a look at the screenshot: You can see that the Min/Max/Close windows button, and "Dark Theme/Built-in Theme/Animations" toggle sliders are all missing. When you click on them they work. It's just they are not displayed.

This actually occurs on all your themes that I've tried (Sierra, Qogir, Vimix, Stylish).

I'm on Solus Budgie 10.5 with GTK3 3.22. Could you kindly help to take a look? Thanks! - Jun 27 2018

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Apr 20 2019
Using Solus Budgie, do I just place everything in /usr/share/themes to install? - Jul 05 2018