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Jose Vi Blasco Valencia, Spain

GTK2 Themes by krig 5 comments

Any chance having an emerald theme for window decoration? Just wondering. By the way nice them, rated good ;) - Nov 04 2008
Emerald theme for Glory Simplex

Beryl/Emerald Themes by moreira 2 comments

Im curious about something, what icon theme were u using in that screenshot? Info about the GTK theme would come in handy too, I loved the overall look of your gnome ^^ - May 26 2008

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 524 comments

Well, u rock man. Solved awn problem in some minutes.

By the way i would make some suggestions:

1.- Give users the options to have a transparent panel. Don't know if it's complicated but would be really nice. I'm not saying i dont like the panel how it is. But it would be a good option. I personally only use the panel for the systray so having it transparent would rock.

2.- Make a keep above button for the emerald theme. It's a really usefull button. Just to give an idea take a look at the keep above button in the radial theme.

As i said those above are just suggestions. If they are not hard to implement they would rock.

And as i said in previous posts keep that good work going on. Your theme rocks. - Mar 15 2008

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 524 comments

Forgot to make a suggestion. I am an Avant Window Navigator user and i've noticed that the Main Menu applet as well as the Places Applet dont really make colors work correctly. Just saying it to let u know about and maybe solve it someday. Hope it'll be soon ;) - Mar 09 2008

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 524 comments

Rawfan if u didn't follow the instructions for the installation but installed it anyway try this:

Open a terminal and navigate to /root directory (cd /root) then type:

sudo ln -s /home/yourusername/.themes .themes

that one is for the themes. It will create a symbolic link in the root user folder to your user .themes folder named .themes. That will allow root to have the same themes u already have installed in your user. If u want to share your icons too with the super user just change .themes for .icons in the sentence. To finish the explanation just let u know that synaptics looks ugly because is the superuser who is executing it. That's why u enter your password before launching synaptics. That will solve problems with a superuser nautilus too and everything ^^. Hope it helped.

And just congratulate TheRob for such a great theme. Keep that good work on it and maybe someday it'll become default theme in a distro (i would vote for it ;). - Mar 09 2008
DarkWhite For Ubuntu (minimalistic Black

Wallpapers Ubuntu by onealdom 3 comments

The download link is not for the preview image. Hope it helps ^^ - Feb 11 2008
KOREMIN Emerald Compiz-Fusion theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Kadano1 21 comments

Try looking in the main menu in system preferences. If u have emerald installed it should work. As always there is the terminal alternative just type "emerald-theme-manager". If u dont have emerald installed just type "sudo apt-get install emerald". If u are using ubuntu 7.10 the package emerald-themes is no longer included in repos. Later on to use emerald just type "emerald --replace". Hope this helps. - Jan 18 2008
Slickness Black

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 231 comments

I forgot to comment about an emerald theme that suits really well with the theme. It's located here in gnome-look:

I personally use the thinner one. Give it a try, it's worth of it. If u dont have emerald window decorator installed just type in a terminal "sudo apt-get install emerald" later on, to use it as your window decorator, just type "emerald --replace" that one will replace compiz gtk decorator with emerald.

Hope this helps making your desktop more lovely ^^ - Jan 16 2008
Slickness Black

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 231 comments

Solved the problem. Thnx so much for help now the theme fits perfectly. Best dark theme of all i tried. And as we say in spain in a more or less literal translation u'll never go to sleep without learning anything new ^^ (Nunca te acostaras sin aprender algo mas). - Jan 16 2008
Slickness Black

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 231 comments

I have some problems with OpenOffice toolbars icons. Icons are not shown, i only see text instead of icons. Dont know if that's because of the engine or it's just a bug. Any ideas about that?

Anyway great theme, already using it. Keep this great work going on ^^ - Jan 16 2008