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System Software by rgfernandes 37 comments

Hello, at first thank you for your great work on the kio-slaves.
I wonder if it would be possible and if it would make sense to make a kio for unp (and maybe ad missing features to it).

By this way, you don't have to do the same work for every new format again and i think developers of ark and karchiver could benefit from the interface too.

At the moment unp can handle: tar[.gz,.bz2], gz, bz2, Z, ar/deb, rpm, shar, rar, arj, zip, LHa, cab, ace,
tnef, uu (mail, news), mime, hqx, sea, zoo, pmd, cpio, afio, lzop

If it is not possible with the unp package, maybe it would be a good idea to create new wich can akt as a general archive-kio? - Jun 24 2005
CopyCover (amaroK Script)

Amarok 1.x Scripts by gauret 143 comments

I dont think i can do this ;(, even if it's under GPL ;).

But hopefully someone who knows how to do this likes my idea, or maybe you could add an option even to create the files if there is another one already?

It was just an idea, i'm no programmer so i thank you for your great work. - Apr 01 2005
CopyCover (amaroK Script)

Amarok 1.x Scripts by gauret 143 comments

Nice script.

I switched the default picture name to .folder.png so that there is not so much visible 'junk' in the folders.
And it works great so far.

But if there is already a picture inside the folder for exsample front.jpg and back.jpg it wont create the .folder.png which would be nice to have the icons for all the folders.

What do you think of a version of your plugin which only creates hidden .folder.png and .directory files without options and call it amarok-foldericons-plugin or like that? - Apr 01 2005

Science by ariya 36 comments

Realy nice Tool!

What do you think about a funktion to export the formula + the result in a KFormula (and maybe OpenOffice)compatible syntax? [copy to clipboard]
Maybe you could simply use the same syntax as KFormula does in your app so its easier to use and it could get part of KFormula sometime. - Oct 05 2004

Utilities by nickprotopapas 31 comments

I think as DVDBackup is only for ripping the DVD-Video content to Harddisk it?s nice to have it as a standalone program.

As a DVD-copy Plugin for K3B it would be nice to integrate lxdvdrip in K3B.
So it would be also possible to make DVD9-to-DVD5 copies with K3B.

What do you think about that?

Here is a link to the lxdvdrip Project: - May 17 2004

Utilities by nickprotopapas 31 comments

Nice to have a KDE frontend for dvdbackup!

Are you planing to implement the other futures of dvdbackup, too?
Like an DVD-Info Button with the

dvdbackup -i /dev/dvd -I switch

or an field where the Name of the DVD, for exsample [DVD_VIDEO] could be changed to [MATRIX_III] whith the -n switch?

or an implemantation of the -t switch to backup a title set would be nice,too.

PS: It would be nice to have a link on your homepage to
instead of or in addition to the emal-adress of the dvdbackup Author. - May 17 2004