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Doug Douglas D. Lang Roseville, United States of America
good old Einstein

Wallpaper Other by thejaunt 2 comments

He's more than old. He's dead!! - Oct 19 2005
Linux 4 ever

Wallpaper Other by proflynx 1 comment

One of the drive icons on the desktop shows Windows XP?? - Oct 19 2005
Linux world

Wallpaper Other by tripinstar 11 comments

I don't consider this to be anything but "TIT"ilating, myself!! AND this image has been downloaded almost 500 times and counting. Apparently some people like it!!

- Jul 28 2005
IExplorer Vs Firefox

Wallpapers Firefox by diox 11 comments

The M$ monolith hopes to crush Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, and other browsers that have built a presence on the windows desktop.

- Mar 12 2005
Ice Age KDE

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by fmeesters 8 comments

Skrat deserves his own feature length movie, never laughed so much in a long time! great wallpaper!! - Mar 12 2005