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John Ward
...and that bugs me. Good photo, brighhtness and colour and great. - Nov 13 2009
Dynamic shore

Wallpaper Other by madrakas 1 comment

I've got to give it to you, as a picture this is a great piece of photography. The tilted nature and blowing grasses gives a sense of chaos, strong weather, an active happening scene and the colours are rich, warm and contrasted.

But as a desktop wallpaper, everytime I see it I feel the need to tilt my head to look at it and it feels a bit as if my desktop is slanted, whereas it's the picture. There's also too much detail in it for a desktop, the picture is so stand-outish that it takes from everything else thats on view, which is a real compliment in many ways. - Nov 07 2009
Human Compact

GTK2 Themes by sunitram 6 comments

This is what I've been looking for for a long time, realistically I've been hoping Gnome would actually look at their own desktop design on a 1280 X 800 laptop screen and realise that they love FAT, but that didn't happen.

Thanks again and keep doing good work like this. - Nov 07 2009

Wallpaper Other by AnitaSpain 1 comment

Great picture, not only that I was there this weekend, took the blue route up along the Spinc, down to the footbridge and back to a dry car through the Miners Village - beautiful. But is there any chance you have a higher quality, higher resolution original shot. - May 18 2009

Metacity Themes by panana 16 comments

Whats the font you're using with that theme. - Feb 05 2009
The Linux Intensity!

Wallpaper Other by mayurarora 1 comment

If the wallpaper is widescreen why is it in 1280 X 1024 section? It's also pretty gaudy, the bright extreme colours are a little hard and overly strong. - Nov 20 2008