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Justin Joseph
G-Xiria 3.0

Full Icon Themes 22 comments

by Phlox
Score 78.3%
Jul 30 2014
Please use some other hosting service than mega. By the way icons are great!! - Mar 12 2013

GTK3 Themes 364 comments

Score 76.5%
Sep 13 2017
Hey this is a great theme. Can you please do a dark version? - Feb 07 2013
Can you also please port zukitwo dark? Thanks for the wonderful work. - Dec 03 2012
DeLorean-Dark -- Gnome 3.4 & 3.6

GTK3 Themes 71 comments

Score 74.8%
Dec 30 2012
Just add to that, all the qt applications like firefox, goldendict, Coolreader (the best ebook reader out there. Way faster and responsive than calibre) etc. do not have textured background for toolbars.
Can you please add it? The textured background gives a truly unique identity to the theme. - Oct 06 2012
For the new nautilus (3.6), the toolbar do not have the textured background. Textured background is used for the search bar. It will be awesome if you can add textured background for the toolbar and a plain searchbar (This is also the same design pattern for all the new gnome applications, so this code could be reusable). - Oct 05 2012
Thats so fast. And awesome. Added ppa. Will let you know any issues etc.

Thank you for the wonderful work. - Sep 24 2012
First, thaks for the wondeful theme.

Can you please update it for gnome 3.6? The archive manager do not work (closes abruptly) and cannot rar/unrar etc.

Also nautilus needs some rework, apart from that it works wonderfully in 3.6. - Sep 23 2012
Ambiance Cold

GTK2 Themes 11 comments

Score 63.3%
May 15 2010
synaptic package manager is not themed properly...May be root level theming is not proper. Otherwise good. I prefer a less blue in progress bars (in the cold version) - Jul 09 2010
Mylo Xylotheme

Full Icon Themes
by dominicbh4

Score 65.6%
Nov 17 2012